Additional AnimationRay Arnett
Additional AudioDave Schreiber
Additional Character ArtLiz Beetem
Additional Character ArtMassive Black
Additional Character ArtHiu Lai Chong
Additional Character ArtLucas Hardi
Additional EffectsLiz Rapp
Additional Environment ArtGabrielle Adams
Additional Environment ArtAlex Schwartz-Rudd
Additional Environment ArtChristopher Zdana
Additional Graphic DesignIstvan Pely
Additional ProgrammerMarkus Alind
Additional ProgrammerMagnus Auvinen
Additional ProgrammerKen Cockerham
Additional ProgrammerChris Dayle
Additional ProgrammerChris Esko
Additional ProgrammerJim Kjellin
Additional ProgrammerAndrew Meggs
Additional Quest Design & WritingMatt Daniels
Additional Quest Design & WritingNate Ellis
AI ProgrammerBrian Robb
AI ProgrammerJay Woodward
AnimationJeremy Bryant
AnimationJangjoon Cha
AnimationLianne Cruz
AnimationGary Noonan
AnimationJuan Sanchez
AnimationAlex Utting
AnimationRicardo Vicens
Audio DirectorMark Lampert
Character ArtBen Carnow
Character ArtCharles Kim
Character ArtJonah Lobe
Character ArtDennis Mejillones
Character ArtDane Olds
Character ArtYan Qin
Co-Lead DesignerKurti Kuhlmann
Concept ArtAdam Adamowicz
Concept ArtRay Lederer
DirectorTodd Howard
Environment ArtAndy Barron
Environment ArtRyan Salvatore
Environment ArtMegan Sawyer
Game DesignerTodd Howard
Gameplay ProgrammerDavid DiAngelo
Gameplay ProgrammerJoseph DiAngelo
Gameplay ProgrammerSteve Meister
Gameplay ProgrammerDan Teitel
Gameplay ProgrammerCraig Walton
Graphics ProgrammerJonathan Bilodeau
Graphics ProgrammerPaul Graber
Graphics ProgrammerJeff Sheiman
Graphics ProgrammerOrin Tresnjaka
Interface ArtNatalia Smirnova
Interface ProgrammerRicardo Gonzalez
Lead AI ProgrammerAhn Hopgood
Lead AnimatorJosh Jones
Lead ArtistMatthew Carofano
Lead Character ArtistChristiane H. K. Meister
Lead DesignerBruce Nesmith
Lead Environment ArtNoah Berry
Lead Graphics ProgrammerScott Franke
Lead Interface ProgrammerErik Deitrick
Lead Level DesignerJeff Browne
Lead ProducerCraig Lafferty
Lead ProgrammerGuy Carver
Lead System ProgrammerBrett Douville
Level DesignDaryl Brigner
Level DesignJoel Burgess
Level DesignSteve Cornett
Level DesignRyan Jenkins
Level DesignAndrew Langlois
Level DesignJustin Shcram
ProducerAngela Browder
ProducerKevin Kauffman
ProducerNathan X McDyer
ProducerPhil Nelson
Production AssistantEmily Sears
Production DirectorAshley Cheng
Quest Design & WritingBrian Chapin
Quest Design & WritingJon Paul Duvall
Quest Design & WritingShane Liesegang
Quest Design & WritingAlan Nanes
Quest Design & WritingWilliam Shen
Senior Designer & WriterEmil Pagliarulo
Senior ProducerJeff Gardiner
Senior ProducerTim Lamb
Special EffectsGrant Struthers
Special EffectsMark Teare
System ProgrammerRyan Ashford
System ProgrammerShannon Bailey
System ProgrammerJoel Dinolt
System ProgrammerMike Dulany
System ProgrammerJason Hammett
System ProgrammerMat Krohn
System ProgrammerRyan Lea
System ProgrammerMike Lipari
System ProgrammerJeff Lundin
System ProgrammerChristopher Rodriguez
System ProgrammerJean Simonet
World ArtCory Edwards
World ArtTony Greco
World ArtDaniel T. Lee
World ArtNate Purkeypile
World ArtRashad Redic
World ArtRyan Sears
World ArtClara Struthers
World ArtRafael Vargas
World ArtRobert Wisnewski


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, oliist, Fossil, and Barbara".

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