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How do I use Key Item Lucky Card?

The description says when certain conditions are met Eu cards appear. What exactly are those conditions? Are they different for every map?

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k1ngfunk answered:

There are eight Eu Cards that spawn on 8 different stages that have hardset drops:

Eushully feather
Yuidora Mine - Guild Test Area*
Cliffside Church - Mountain in the Sky

B Eushully Feather
Lake Shisetika - Western Shore
Rosean Mountains - Flame Fox's Den

Anastasia Wing
Yuidora Woodland - Peaceful Grounds*
Yuma Lake - Lake Passage

Eukleia Feather
Forest of Souls - Spiritual Woods
Amurent Forestland - Jungle Tribeland

*needs to be revisited

There are also Eu cards that give random rare items used to synthesize other items for the maids. Can be found :
Yuidora Mine - Bat Tunnel
Rosean Mountain - Hidden Volcano Path
Runic Forest Ruins - Ancient Ruins
Runic Forest Ruins - Scorched Battleground
Chaotic Warground - Wartorn Ruins
Mercy Light Valley - Zihito Pass
Misanshel - Eternal Sanctuary

Hope this helps, when I went searching for Eu cards they didn't spawn right away, you might have to revisit an area for them to appear.
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