Additional Environment ArtDamir Krajnovic
Additional Environment ArtNikica Petrusic
Additional Multiplayer Environment ArtAlen Cepin
Additional MusicBobby Arlauskas
Additional MusicTyler Piersall
Animation ArtistMarko Cepin
Art DirectorDavor Hunski
Character / Weapon Model ArtistAdmir Elezovic
Cinematic DirectorDavor Hunski
Cinematic DirectorAlen Ladavac
Engine ProgrammerGoran Adrinek
Engine ProgrammerDavor Hunski
Engine ProgrammerKresimir Kis
Engine ProgrammerAlen Ladavac
Engine ProgrammerDarko Martinovic
Engine ProgrammerRobert Sajko
Engine ProgrammerDean Sekulic
Environment ArtistDavor Hunski
Environment ArtistIvana Hunski
Environment ArtistHelena Hunski
Environment ArtistIvan Kudrna
Environment ArtistDavor Ladavac
Environment DirectorIvan Mika
Facial Animation ArtistDavor Ladavac
Game DesignerDavor Hunski
Game DesignerAlen Ladavac
Game DirectorDavor Hunski
Game DirectorAlen Ladavac
Game ProgrammerGoran Adrinek
Game ProgrammerDavor Hunski
Game ProgrammerKresimir Kis
Game ProgrammerAlen Ladavac
Game ProgrammerDarko Martinovic
Game ProgrammerRobert Sajko
Gameplay DesignerDavor Tomicic
High-Poly Character Model Art / Concept Art / Box ArtStjepan Sejic
Lead Content ProgrammerGoran Adrinek
Lead ProgrammerAlen Ladavac
Music / Cinematic SoundDamjan Mravunac
Project LeaderDavor Hunski
Sound ArtistDavor Hunski
Sound ArtistAlen Ladavac
Sound ArtistRoman Ribaric
Sound DesignBobby Arlauskas
Sound DesignChris Carroll
Sound DesignMatt Piersall
Technical DirectorAlen Ladavac
Tools ProgrammerGoran Adrinek
Tools ProgrammerDavor Hunski
Tools ProgrammerKresimir Kis
Tools ProgrammerAlen Ladavac
Tools ProgrammerDarko Martinovic
Tools ProgrammerRobery Sajko
Tools ProgrammerDean Sekulic
Voice DirectionJames Barker
Voice EditingJames Barker
Voice EditingChris Carroll
Voice: HellfireJennymarie Jemison
Voice: MillerJohari Templin
Voice: NarratorBill Jurney
Voice: Professor Dr. Hermann Stein, Ph. DGarry Peters
Voice: Pvt. JonesRichard Romeo
Voice: QuinnAdriene Mishler
Voice: RodriguezBill Wise
Voice: Serious SamJohn J. Dick
Voice: WilsonChristopher Grady
WriterAlen Ladavac
WritingScott Alexander


Data and credits for this game contributed by oliist and BGoldTLE.

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