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Love & Order Walkthrough (V 1.0)

This is my first walkthrough. I really loved this game, 
and was surprised there wasn't already one. So I hope it helps,
and that my English is at least understandable. Dousho


You play Dana, secretary in the state attorney's office. Upon
organizing her desk she stumbles upon a mysterious case file.
Your goal is to solve the case, work at the bureau and get a date
with one of three hot guys  or a girl.

Every day (monday to friday) consists of five time periods, of
which three are work time (morning, early and late afternoon) and
two are free time (lunch hour, evening). Saturday and Sunday are
special, you have one action each, and you can only choose between
shopping or stress reducing activites, plus doing household
chores, which has no other effect than ending the day.

On Thursday you are paid. (For details see below). 

The player has to divide these time units wisely upon three tasks:
work (which generates stress), solving the case (which generates
stress), and de-stressing Dana. 

Work tasks
Every time Dana enters her bureau, there's a chance one of the
members of the office asks her to work on their case. Accepting
(Helpful, Good) results in Dana getting one to three subtasks,
which have to be done two days later (sometimes the time is
shorter, especially if Pierre is asking you for help). You can as
well talk to someone and ask for work, which they usually give to
you. You can decline the offer (Busy), but doing so lowers their
Each subtasks takes one time unit to deal with, they are all
executed in the different rooms of the bureau. Walking around
costs no time, so you are free to look around and check how long
you have left for your tasks. This can be useful when you have
taken on cases from different co-workers or tasks from the same
guy that expire on different times.

Mails are sent from the Reception, Printing and writing Memos etc.
as well as calling people are done from Dana's bureau; meetings
are held in the Board Room; copies are made in the Copy Room. 
If you are to take notes on a meeting you are given the time the
meeting is held. Just go to the Board Room at the right time and
choose to do the task. 
Important: check on your Projects, because only there you can see
if you got a task like that and when it is to be executed.
You don't get a second chance, if you missed the morning meeting
you were supposed to take minutes at, the task is lost, but it
will take until the end of the day that you are informed about it.

Take Care: Tasks, that require you to get a signature, or to
deliver sth. can not be taken care of in the evening (because the
office is empty). Consider this when planning your work day.

Working stresses Dana out. Once she reaches a stress level of
about 8% she can screw up, once you reach 15% the chance of 
failing is considerably high, over 20% screw-ups get pretty regular.

Once Dana finished all subtasks, she can get new ones of the same
case by talking to the one who gave them to her (or wait for
somenone to give her work, or ask someone else). If she doesn't
the one will eventually come and give you new tasks. Every case
has a set number of subtasks. If you finished them all (regularly
after two or three times getting tasks, 3 to 12 subtasks in all)
a new task appears in your projects list: report back to. Go to
the one that gave you the task and choose Chat about work.

The case is taken from the list and usually you get aditional
respect if you didn't screw up too many subtasks,thus failing
your task.
I recommend taking on about 2-4 subtasks, six at most if you have
to. This will minimize failures and stress. 
Your salary is determined by how much you work and especially by
how often you do overtime. You get 10$ at least, but can get up
to 85$. (I never got more, working a lot of overtime at the
beginning usually nets 55$). 

(If you know what determines salary besides overtime please tell me, thanks!)

So 'saving' a task up until evening to make overtime pays off!
Skipping meetings cuts down on your salary!

Stress  buy the lucky watch

Your biggest problem, especially at the beginning, is the stress.
Every subtask stresses Dana, even more if you work during lunch
hour or in the evening. 
When Dana is stressed, she fails at tasks  failing generates
additional stress, and the loss of money (from your paycheque)and respect.
A normal task generates between 3-6% stress, overtime up to 15%.
You can de-stress Dana by eating (lunch hour and free time), the
theatre and watching TV. 

What you pay is what you get  playing solitaire gives you back
3%, eating in the lunch room 5%, watching T.V. 6-10% (all for free).

Eating out during lunch hour 15% at 5$ each, in the evening
chinese food 15% (5$),Pub 20-25% (10$), Expensive food (30$)
(didn't use it, so dunno about the effect); Theatre 15$.

The main point is to buy the lucky watch. It's the most expensive
item you can buy at the mall (200$), but it's totally worth it.
Possessing it lowers the stress generated by working or sleuthing
to 1-3% (4-8% time off). At the start Dana has 100$. 
If you save those up by controlling your stress level (so you
don't need to spend money) and work overtime as much as possible,
you can buy the watch the third or fourth week. 

(For example: Work, work overtime; next day you have about 10-13%
stress, so play solitaire and eat at the lunch room, then either
play solitaire until evening and do overtime or work, play
solitaire and then do overtime  and so on. 
I usually have to spend one day resting or eat out at lunch once,
but that leaves you with 95$+ a nice paycheque). 
The rest of the game, the stress level won't stress you out.


Each member of the office has a bar, that shows their respect for
you. Each time Dana asks for work, accepts to help with a case or
finishes a task she gets repsect. 
Is the bar filled, it won't drop everytime you decline to work for
someone (which it does otherwise).
Asking someone out colors the bar pink.

Dana can ask out everyone she is working with (Dorothy, Ross,
Jonathan, Pierre). Asking for a date is considered a task and
thus costs you one time unit.
The day you are to meet your love interest, you will find  Date
tonight - written below the respect bar. 
In the evening go to Dana's apartment and change (Casual or one of
the bought outfits, Crimson blouse usually earns you a compliment).
Sometimes you are asked something by your date, most of the time
the answer doesn't seem to matter, but Dorothy won't react
positively to anything but action movies.
If you go on a date with Jonathan you split the cost. Since he
wants to go to the Expensive Diner, that's to be considered.

- buy the lucky watch! - save your starting money, do overtime
- it pays off doing only one or two tasks at work time and work at         
- saving regularly can save you from failing a task or losing
  the game by being fired
- eating out at Lunch hour gives you 15% for only 5$, use the
  opportunity if you are too stressed
- refusing work lowers respect  but only if you have some
  already, so working to fill one or two bars at a time and 
  ignoring the other two or three makes the game easier: you
  don't have to take on too many tasks and won't loose too
  much respect
- Dana can work on solving the case during worktime, this can
  cut down on your paycheque, but is neverthless worth it,
  because it cuts down on your stress too. But beware, 
  there is one task you can't take on during worktime, 
  since it will get you fired (it's late in the game, 
  accepting a fax at the reception)

Solving the case of the missing attorney- Walkthrough

This is the storyline of the game. I recommend building up some
respect, starting a romance if you want one and  most important 
buy the watch, before digging around. I usually do one task or
another every now and then, but start getting serious only later
in the game.

'Be there' means you just have to be at the given place at the
 given time without doing anything
* means the respective action takes some time to be available

Dana's Office: Organize desk
visit Dorothy, Pierre and Jonathan at their repective bureaus
talk to Ross and ask him about Jean Simone
ask Pierre or Dorothy about case ML-265
Dana's Office: Search database
Reception: Check mail
Dana's Office: Call archives office, ask nicely
Reception: Check mail
Dana's Office: Review ML-265
Dana's Office: Phone Gatineau
Dana's Office, Lunch hour: be there
Dana's Office: Review ML-265
Dana's Office: Phone Robin
Dana's Office, Lunch hour: be there
Reception: enter
Dana's Office: Look up Parker
Pierre's or Dorothy's office: Look up Parker
Watch T.V.
Dana's Office: Phone Robin
Dana's Office: Look up Politzer
Copy Room: Check tray*
Dana's Office: Phone Police
Reception: Pick up Report*
Copy Room: Copy Report
Reception: Send back Report
Dana's Office: Review Report
Dana's Office: Call detective
Dana's Office: be there
Dana's apartment: Call prosecutor
Dana's apartment: Check voicemail
Dana's apartment: Call prosecutor
Reception: get fax (only evening after work!)*
Office of your date: Tell about W. (if you don't have one
     call the police)

-----------------you won-------watch the ending-------------------

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