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Where are the save files located?

I need to know where are my save files located so I can transfer them.

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kmcwilliams answered:

there is NO ONE answer.

Prior to the update, it was in the

DRIVE:\game dir\orbit\40

After the update, it moved to my

c:\Documents and Settings\usename\Local Settings\Application Data\ubisoft game launcher\savegame_storage\************\40\

the *********** denote a game generated number letter named folder.

The best way to find your save files, is by doing a search for files created or modified in the last 1 day. Or search for any of the following files

And after you have completed the game, there is even a new pair.

I am on WinXP 64, so yours could be different, but the names of the files should be the same, no matter where they are.
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mdj71 answered:

Looks like its in "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Ubisoft Game Launcher", But it looks like theres also savegames from the other AC games (if you own them like i do)

My guess is that the revelations saves is in the subfolder named "40" :)
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