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Hardmode Ores?

Can only one type of hardmode ore exist in the world at a time(Cobalt,Mythril,Adamantite)?Also what happens if you destroy 4 or more Demon Altars?

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Templar2k7 answered:

You can have more then one type of ore. When you destroy 3 Cobalt Myth and Adamantite all spawn. When you destroy more more of it will spawn but to a lesser extent. IE if you gett 100 each from destroying 3 the next 3 will give like 50 more each then 25 so on and so forth
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Unok1 answered:

Well, if you're asking for the first question if you can only have 1 type of ore at a time, no, you can have all 3. Also, if you destroy 4 or more demon altars, it says it's been blessed with [Whatever Ore] again but you cant get more then the supply you got from the 1st 3. Hope this helped, contact me if I answered the wrong questions or you have more questions. :D
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