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why won't my NCPs move into this house?

ok i have 5 houses right 3 on the ground and 2 on top of the other houses. the ones on top of the other houses are the ones the NCPs will not move into. it says that it is a suitable house. both are 7 tall 12 wide made out of wood with wood walls with a chest a table a chair 1 door (leading to other house) wood platforms for a floor. WHY WON'T THEY MOVE IN


Lukey92 answered:

Make sure you meet the individual requirements for each npc. They can be seen here:
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Metheglin answered:

You also need a light source for them to move in.
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honorary_oracle answered:

Are you saying that the houses won't let you assign it to an NPC or that it tells you that no one can live there? I think what you're trying to say is that you have assigned houses, but your NPCs won't physically move in.

As long as you are able to assign a house, they should move in, even if they have to warp. I found a Sky Island directly above the base my guy and I set up, and I assigned the Guide to live in it. After we went exploring, he was up there with no issues.
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Cool_Guy1999 answered:

You have to have a background or "walls" for a NPC to move in
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DerpGamerX answered:

Yah im very late who cares. you said wood platforms? thats why at least i thnk
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