What is the best strategy for containing Corruption and Hallow?

  1. First off, i would like to mention that i'm not very far in the game, so therefore i have never reached hardmode yet. I would like to get my world prepared for containing the Corruption and Hallows before i enter hardmode.

    On to the topic at hand, I was snooping around the net for info regarding the containment. From what i understand, it says i can contain it if i build a player-made chasm around my base. So this brings up a few questions regarding the subject.

    1. Type of Bricks: One of the guides said that Corruption and Hallows cant spread among dungeon, wood, glass, or any player-placed bricks. Is this true? I mean if i build the chasm myself, can i use just about any material i want? (like dirt, since its so abundant). Or is there a list of particular blocks/bricks that i can choose from that i can use to contain it?

    2. Size of Chasms: The guide also mentioned that i have to build a chasm to prevent it from spreading. Assuming i'm using the proper bricks from #1, how big of a chasm to i have to have?

    3. Background Walls: Are player-placed background walls necessary to contain it? or can i just use the natural background walls? I'm aware you need player-placed background to keep enemies from spawning (or intentionally spawn depending on background), but unsure regarding containment.

    4. Protecting other Zones: Can i pretty much protect the other zones from being infected if i just dig multiple gigantic chasms from surface to bottom? Or better yet, is there a specific spot the corruption/Hallows will spread from so i can build my chasms around it and block it in before i even enter hardmode?

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    Mr_Bojingo - 3 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    So what do you mean by this changing with 1.2? How will it effect Corruption/Hallow containment?

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    Mr_Bojingo - 3 years ago


  1. If this is for the PC version, the answer to this question will change DRAMATICALLY with 1.2.

    As of 1.1:

    Its Player CREATED bricks, not player placed. So, Gray Brick (for example) = Safe. Dirt/stone/etc = not safe.

    I usually just make them 2 bricks | 3 Spaces | 2 Bricks.....but any gap of at least 3 spaces/bricks works.

    Background walls have no effect. However, you want to build walls aboveground as well to keep Corrupters out - and their spit.

    Yes, you can....but keep in mind that every altar you break spawns another random corruption/hallow block in the world....so you still must keep aware!

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    LokiISP - 3 years ago 0 0
  2. There will be a new method for containing Hallow/Corruption and cleaning up any breaches.

    It is quite effective. :)

    Can't say more because spoilers.

    User Info: LokiISP

    LokiISP - 3 years ago 0 0

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