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NPCs walking through doors and falling into mines?

So I built a house, and and some NPCs moved in. That's fine, but I soon discovered a problem. A have a mineshaft sort of thing going directly straight down, and the npcs keep walking into it and falling down into the caves. is there any way to stop them?


MattP answered:

You can try to put a wooden platform covering the entrance of the mine. Alternatively you can build a new home facing a different direction and can assign the NPC to that home. Click the small housing button above your character's equipped items and you should see new ways to assign the characters.
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Kadugans answered:

NPC's are meant to open doors, they also close them, also if you want to keep the npc's from falling into the mine just put a platform on it and you can walk right over it and fall down into the mine. Hope this helped
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yoshi5276 answered:

It doesn't really matter if they keep falling into a mineshaft, as they teleport back there every night. However, I have found that putting one block directly inside the door will block them from getting out and others from getting in. They'll still live there and they won't get killed as easily.
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GabePuratekuta answered:

Putting platforms over the pit is a good idea. You can place solid blocks in their way with actuators hooked to a switch via wiring so that you can access the shaft without any NPC being able to
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