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Asked: 2 years ago

Soul arbiter's maze directions?

It's really taking alot of time without any result for me :(

Additional details - 2 years ago

there is a video uploaded by THQ how 2 kill karkinos, just smash him by throwing the egg towards him & he'll be open 2 attacks, then just repeat :)

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Level 01 - N,W
Level 01- Secret S,E
Level 02- E,S,N
Level 02- Secret N,N
Level 03- W,E,N,N
Level 03- Secret N,S,E
Level 04- E,W,N,S
Level 04- Secret W,E,N
Level 05- W,W,N,E
Level 05- Secret W,N,S
Level 06- S,E,E,N,N
Level 06- Secret E,E,E,S
Level 07- S,W,E,E,E
Level 07- Secret S,S,W,N,N
Level 08- N,W,N,W,E
Level 08- Secret N,S,S,E,N
Level 09- E,N,E,N,S
Level 09- Secret S,W,E,E,N
Level 10- W,E,N,S,W
Level 10- Secret N,S,E,W

The only secret I found anything worthwile was on level 5, gave a set of legendary scythes but I'm not sure if it's random or not.

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I can't killed karkinos , can you uploading the save game after killed the monster
,Sorry for my bad english .
is my save game

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