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Where can I find a unicorn to tame?

I've read online that you can tame unicorns and they have special powers(no joke), and that they only spawn at night, but I haven't found one yet. Anyone got any tips on how to locate it? (ps: i also read somewhere that there is only 1 per map)

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sapphir answered:

According to the sims wikia, there's 40% chance that one appears at 8pm and they disapear at 5am(which I have seen). You can easily spot where a unicorn is by seeing an Arora Borealis in map view.
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ShrodingersKit answered:

Look for places wild horses hang out. I encountered a unicorn at the water treatment center. I don't know about there being only one per map, but I do know so far I've only encountered one, and it was at night. Also it was black, so don't strictly be looking for some ethereal white thing.
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Tempohyeah answered:

Befriend alot of pets and people, only then can you tame it
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naruto1322 answered:

There's a 40% chance that one does appear (strangly I have two of them) through 8pm and they go at 5am you can see a Arora Borealis in fishing zones (thats where I found them at) in map view.
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