P.A.M.s Death Area 8 offers three new and exciting Post Apocalyptic vehicles and a unique new track thats sure to increase the mayhem.

New Vehicles:

Kitty With Claws is based off the new Volkswagen Bug, but has been severely reinforced and is a lot more dangerous. The vehicle contains a large unicorn drill at the front, has two large metal doors on the side that fire exploding teddy bears and a large perfume bottle is attached to the back that releases dangerous gas...MEEEOOOWWW!

The Veteran has been assembled from the parts found in various military scrap yards. Its an army hauler based vehicle which has an American army vehicle front and its back half has been taken from a Russian vehicle. A massive triangle splitter is attached to the front of the vehicle, two extendible Gatling machine guns in the middle, and anti-tank Hedgehogs release from the back

The Nucloid is an ironic vehicle that is based on an electric SMART car, but instead of being eco-friendly it contains a nuclear reactor under its hood. Though small, the Nucloid packs quite a punch. Whoever said that environmentalists arent tough?

New Track:

Death Area 8 is an insane figure eight track that is designed to increase the destruction and mayhem. Race around an old and decrepit Oil Refinery littered with old metal parts, steel drums and huge flumes of smoke and flames. Death Area 8 contains more funnel areas than the other tracks that sure to increase collisions and battle mayhem.

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