Massive Assault: Phantom Renaissance is the sequel to highly acclaimed turn-based strategy game Massive Assault. Massive Assault: Phantom Renaissance features a renewed global conflict between the Free Nations Union and Phantom League in distant space colonies. The game is based on the Massive Assaults original "Secret Allies" concept, acknowledged by the press and the players as innovative and easy to learn and hard to master one and in many respects rejuvenating turn-based genre.

- 6 new planets for World Wars including massive-sized deathmatch maps
- 2 Mega Campaigns
- 20 new single-player scenarios with new mission types and twists
- All-new Assault game mode
- New A.I. - with various computer opponent profiles
- 10 new units, unique for each side, leading to different strategies
- Enhanced 3D engine: remade unit, terrain and effect visualization technology
- Additional battle music
- 2 new viewing modes: CNN-style fancy camera and historic-atlas-style 2D strategic map mode

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