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How to fix neon sign problem fixed?

Ok. So i went out an purchased L.A Noire at JB. And when i installed the patch failed and i got stuck at the neon loading screen for hours. I had that problem over 4 installs. Anyway. How i fixed this was i installed the game normally and let the mandatory patch download. Obviously the patch failed again,so i exited the game and went to the install folder and retrieved the patch and cut it to th.e desktop. Then proceeded to uninstall the game. I then started a custom install,where i installed the game to c:\L.A. Noire. Then i cut the patch to the new install folder and ran the patch BEFORE i startes the game. It patched fine and now the game works like a charm. If this works for anybody else spread the word.

vandermorph provided additional details:

Also uninstalled the social club before last install.


gcoppedge answered:

1. Disconnect PC from internet.
2. Disable firewall.
3. Install game from disc.
4. Start LANoire.exe (NOT LANLauncher.exe) as administrator
5. Enter activation key and a profile.(At this point, my screen was stuck at LA Noire neon sign.)

6. Restart PC.
7. Disable firewall.
8. Connect PC to internet.
9. Start LANoire.exe (NOT LANLauncher.exe) as administrator
10. When prompted, download & install patch.

If patch installs successfully:
11. End ALL LANoire processes in Task Manager
12. Disconnect PC from internet.
13. Restart PC.
14. Disable firewall.
15. Start LANoire.exe (NOT LANLauncher.exe) as administrator(You can now play if you get past the neon sign.)

If ANY error occurs during patch installation, DO NOT TRY TO RE-DOWNLOAD ONLY MISSING PATCH ITEMS.
F1: Ensure your firewall is disabled!
F2. Delete Patch***.exe from C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\L.A. Noire folder
F3. End ALL LANoire processes in Task Manager
F4. Start LANoire.exe as administrato
F5. When prompted, download & install partch.

* I tried installing/patching/reinstalling this at least half a dozen times using different variations, before
hitting on this successful method. So, follow these steps exactly.
* Verify patch installed successfully - v1.3 (Build 2614) - DX9 appears on bottom left of neon sign.
* Disabling firewall during install is CRITICAL. (Firewall prompts can't be seen when game screen is active.)
* You can play game with firewall turned on. (If screen is stuck at neon sign & synchronizing, WIN+D to view desktop to see & click any firewall prompts.)
* Use only the LANoire.exe file to launch game. LANLauncher.exe fails due to settings.ini file.
* This install was done using a boxed retail version of the game for PC.
* The entire install process takes at least 30 minutes, so be prepared to do something else while you wait.
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