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Changing population limit in Scenario Editor?

How do you change the population limit from 75 to 200 in the scenario editor?

IKLBXRMACH1N3 provided additional details:

When I click the platers tab and look around the resource boxes, all I see is a string table, tribe name, personality, starting age, and the amount of players.

IKLBXRMACH1N3 provided additional details:

I found out that you can only do that if you have the Conquerers expansion.

Accepted Answer

Tarantula1011 answered:

Click on the 'Players' option at the top of the screen, select whoever you want to be able to have more than 75 population, and then next to the boxes where you choose the resources for each player is a population box, changing that changes the allowed population.
If you want to have more than 200 population, you could probably find a mod for that. I haven't been bale to get one that works so I intend on making one.
I hope I was able to help!
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