Fated Haven: Chapter One is the first RPG title in the Fated Haven trilogy.

Overnight, a sinister group called the Thanado rise and begin enslaving people across the world. After losing his best friend and love, Leif is one of many to join a rebellion against the Thanado.

Little does Leif know... that he will soon become a key to the rebellion, and a leader in a war against the Thanado.


1. Engaging story, with plenty of plot twists to keep you wanting more every step of the way.
2. Interesting characters for you to both love and hate.
3. Fun turn-based RPG battle system.
4. Visible enemies eliminates the aggravation of random battles.
5. Optional mouse control system.
6. Special level up system allows you to level your characters stats any way you want!
7. Interesting puzzles to challenge your mind.
8. Plenty of fun sidequests to explore. Own a house and name your own puppy!
9. Average gameplay length of 5 1/2 - 7 hours, with plenty of replayability.
10. Brilliant voice acting by Alex Warner.

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