• Steam Achievements

    Barrage of BubblesEliminate 100 enemies by circling them in chain mode.
    Best Friends ForeverUnlock all Glow Chums.
    Crowd ControlTake 500 friends to safety.
    Explorer of the DeepLocate 50 secret areas.
    Glow PowerDefeat dr. urchin.
    IncandescentNo loss of glow on a stage.
    Iím a Star!Get a 4-Star Rating in any level.
    Iím a Superstar!Get a 4-Star Rating in 10 different levels.
    Lariat RoundupCircle a large foe into a friend.
    Love TapConvert the Corrupted Fighter into a Glow Chum.
    Master of the UniverseGet a 4-Star Rating in all 50 levels.
    Mr. InvincibleA perfect win over Dr. Urchin; no loss of glow.
    Mr. PopularTake 50 friends to safety.
    Not Easily BaitedAvoid the Angler Fish in the Briny Depths.
    Ooh, Shiny!Collect 500 coins.
    PacifistFinish level 4 without harming any foes.
    Personal TrainerUpgrade your Glow Chums to maximum capacity.
    PuzzlingGet a 4-Star Rating on any of the puzzle levels.
    Scout MasterUpgrade Scout to maximum.
    Scouting PartyLocate 25 secret areas.
    The 100 ClubEliminate 100 enemies in orbit mode.
    TrespasserLocate 10 secret areas.
    Walls of JerichoTrap an enemy creature between the moving walls.
    Whatís under the hood?Win the Darter race with a 4-Star Rating.
    Worth its WeightCollect 5000 coins.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.