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Is there a Health/Ammo Regen Item?

Hello everyone, i got the game and i admit i really suck at it, therefore i would like to ask if there is a Shield or Class Mod that will allow Axton to regenerate health(i know he has 2 abilities in his skill tree that Regen Health) but i want either a Shield that Regens Health or a Mod that Regens Ammo, also is there a way to activate the DemiGod mode like in the 1st Borderlands? i found the file and changed it, but it didnt do anything.

loganan64 provided additional details:

Ok, so i guess ill just have to play until i find one of those guns and shields that have Ammo Regen then...

Im also curious as to the progress of a new Willow Tree program, has anyone heard anything about it? im kinda keen on making an assault rifle that has ammo regen, with explosive damage and then explodes like a grenade when reloaded.... i love the guns that explode when reloaded, its like a free grenade each time!!

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teboga answered:

As said above there are class mods for Axton that regen HP, I have bumped into quite a few of them so far. Also later in the game you gonna fine shields that have a chance to absorb bullets, adding them to your backpack. There is the ammo regen you wanted.

Personally I find ammo very cheap, just increase your max inventory with Eridium and buy them.
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Chaos5061 answered:

I know Ammo Regen items are apart of Salvador's Class Mods. It's the only thing I know of that has Ammo Regen. I think they tied the ability to Salvador only.
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Bridling answered:

So far the gunzerker is the only one with ammo regen, but it seems that the soldier and I think the siren have health buff and health regen.
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gmoffox answered:

There are class mods for Axton to enable health regen (I have one). It isn't all that fast (2.4 hp/s) but it is noticeable.
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Arsonun answered:

Zer0 also has health regen mods.
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Bridling answered:

Also about the bDemiGodMode, it seems that changing it to "true" does nothing. It might need a command from the game to turn it on.

Also the boss not regenerating health, killing teammates, and insta rivive are like godmode, they don't seem to work.
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XxRiSoNxX answered:

Every class has some form of health regen, whether from a kill skill or passive. Even so, there are some items out there that can regen health. Namely, as said above, class mods for Axton & Zero.

Homing Sticky (Insert Element) Transfusion grenades are a wonderful way to get health back in a pinch.
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Avenger1324 answered:

Axton can get Health regen through his skills

Survival tree - Preparation gives +3% shield capacity per level; regenerate 0.4% health per second per level when shields are full.

Nothing I've found yet on ammo regen, but it becomes less of an issue once you have Eridium and can upgrade your carrying capacities from the Black Market
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Ninjero answered:

Certain guns in Borderlands 1 have ammo regen. It may be possible to find a Relic or Gun that provides ammo regen. A few people have found guns with unlimited ammo, there may also be some out there with ammo regen.
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LoeffelDoob answered:

Terramorphous can drop a legendary relic that gives 0.5% hp regen/sec, called the Blood of Terramorphous. It's 235.5hp/sec on my siren, and I don't stack any hp items.
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CappinHoff answered:

There is a shield that absorbs bullets you get hit with and adds them to your ammo. It's called the Blast Proof Absorb Shield. lvl 18 required. The one I found has an 8% chance to absorb.
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Bridling answered:

There's been talk of a WillowTree for borderlands 2, but so far there is no such thing.
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