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Heroes of Might and Magic III FAQ
Covers things that are not general knowledge
Copyright 2003 Jordan Trudgett aka tgfcoder
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Foreword/Legal stuff...............................#01
Population Labels..................................#03
Creature Speeds....................................#04
Neutral Creatured..................................#05
Character Bonuses..................................#06
Town Native Terrain................................#07
Morale and Luck Effects............................#08

#01 Foreword/Legal stuff
This FAQ and everything included in it is copyrighted and any part of it
may not be reproduced in any way, shape or form (written, printed,
electronically stored, or any other medium not specifically mentioned)
without my <jordan_trudgett@hotmail.com> advance written permission.
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Any breach of these rules, with myself or anyone else not being aware of
it or being aware of it is a violation of copyright.

I am not in any way related to 3DO/New World Computing or any designers, 
distibutors,programmers, publishers or in-general, 'creators' of this 
game. Any miscellaneous object, program (including games), music, or any 
other related indicia are copyright to their rightful owners.

Hereafter this point, I will refer to Heroes of Might and Magic III, The 
Restoration of Erathia (c) 3D0/New World Computing as HOMM3,
Heroes, or Heroes III (3).

This FAQ covers things many people may not know about HOMM3.

Most information comes from the Manual that is sold with Heroes.

#02 Movement

Movement is tracked in tiles. A certain hero can move a definite integer 
of steps before his/her horse is exhausted. This figure is determined by 
the speed of the slowest creature in his/her army.

Super Slow/Extra Slow     allows 15 tiles of movement,
Slow                      allows 16 tiles of movement,
Swift/Extra Swift         allows 17 tiles of movement,
Very Swift                allows 18 tiles of movement,
Ultra Swift/Super Swift   allows 19 tiles of movement,
Quick/Super Fast          allows 20 tiles of movement.

For speeds of creatures, refer to #04 Creature Speeds.

#03 Population Labels

Population labels are words that describe roughly how many creatures 
there are in that group. Example ".. a Horde of Troglodytes .."

NB. If a computer hero has only one group of creatures, and the group 
says "Few" then 99% of the time, he/she is a scout and only has 1 of that 

(Numbers are inclusive, eg. Few could mean 4 and Swarm could mean 250)

Label        Amount

Few          1-4
Several      5-9
Pack         10-19
Lots         20-49
Horde        50-99
Throng       100-249
Swarm        250-499
Zounds       500-999
Legion       1000+

#04 Creature Speeds


Pikeman             Extra Slow   4 hexes/turn
Halberdier          Slow         5 hexes/turn
Archer              Extra Slow   4 hexes/turn
Marksman            Swift        6 hexes/turn
Griffin             Very Swift   6 hexes/turn
Royal Griffin       Ultra Swift  9 hexes/turn
Swordsman           Slow         5 hexes/turn
Crusader            Swift        6 hexes/turn
Monk                Slow         5 hexes/turn
Zealot              Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Cavalier            Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Champion            Ultra Swift  9 hexes/turn
Angel               Extra Quick  12 hexes/turn
Archangel           Very Fast    18 hexes/turn


Troglodyte          Extra Slow   4 hexes/turn
Infernal Troglodyte Slow         5 hexes/turn
Harpy               Swift        6 hexes/turn
Harpy Hag           Ultra Swift  9 hexes/turn
Beholder            Slow         5 hexes/turn
Evil Eye            Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Medusa              Slow         5 hexes/turn
Medua Queen         Swift        6 hexes/turn
Minotaur            Swift        6 hexes/turn
Minotaur King       Very Swift   8 hexes/turn
Maticore            Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Scorpicore          Quick        11 hexes/turn
Red Dragon          Quick        11 hexes/turn
Black Dragon        Super Quick  15 hexes/turn


Gnoll               Extra Slow   4 hexes/turn
Gnoll Marauder      Slow         5 hexes/turn
Lizardman           Extra Slow   4 hexes/turn
Lizard Warrior      Slow         5 hexes/turn
Serpent Fly         Ultra Swift  9 hexes/turn
Dragon Fly          Very Quick   13 hexes/turn
Basilisk            Slow         5 hexes/turn
Greater Basilisk    Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Gorgon              Slow         5 hexes/turn
Mighty Gorgon       Swift        6 hexes/turn
Wyvern              Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Wyvern Monarch      Quick        11 hexes/turn
Hydra               Slow         5 hexes/turn
Chaos Hydra         Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn


Imp                 Slow         5 hexes/turn
Familiar            Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Gog                 Extra Slow   4 hexes/turn
Magog               Swift        6 hexes/turn
Hell Hound          Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Cerberus            Very Swift   8 hexes/turn
Demon               Slow         5 hexes/turn
Horned Demon        Swift        6 hexes/turn
Pit Fiend           Swift        6 hexes/turn
Pit Lord            Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Efreet              Ultra Swift  9 hexes/turn
Efreet Sultan       Very Quick   13 hexes/turn
Devil               Quick        11 hexes/turn
Arch Devil          Extra Fast   17 hexes/turn


Skeleton            Extra Slow   4 hexes/turn
Skeleton Warrior    Slow         5 hexes/turn
Walking Dead        Very Slow    3 hexes/turn
Zombie              Extra Slow   4 hexes/turn
Wight               Slow         5 hexes/turn
Wraith              Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Vampire             Swift        6 hexes/turn
Vampire Lord        Ultra Swift  9 hexes/turn
Lich                Swift        6 hexes/turn
Power Lich          Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Black Knight        Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Dread Knight        Ultra Swift  9 hexes/turn
Bone Dragon         Ultra Swift  9 hexes/turn
Ghost Dragon        Ultra Quick  14 hexes/turn


Centaur             Swift        6 hexes/turn
Centaur Captain     Very Swift   8 hexes/turn
Dwarf               Very Slow    3 hexes/turn
Battle Dwarf        Slow         5 hexes/turn
Wood Elf            Swift        6 hexes/turn
Grand Elf           Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Pegasus             Very Swift   8 hexes/turn
Silver Pegasus      Extra Quick  12 hexes/turn
Dendroid Guard      Very Slow    3 hexes/turn
Dendroid Soldier    Extra Slow   4 hexes/turn
Unicorn             Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
War Unicorn         Ultra Swift  9 hexes/turn
Green Dragon        Super Swift  10 hexes/turn
Gold Dragon         Fast         16 hexes/turn


Note: In the demo version of HOMM3, the Stronghold music was used instead 
of the Castle music. (They must have though it was better)

Goblin              Slow         5 hexes/turn
Hobgoblin           Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Wolf Rider          Swift        6 hexes/turn
Wolf Raider         Very Swift   8 hexes/turn
Orc                 Extra Slow   4 hexes/turn
Orc Chieftain       Slow         5 hexes/turn
Ogre                Extra Slow   4 hexes/turn
Ogre Mage           Slow         5 hexes/turn
Roc                 Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Thunderbird         Quick        11 hexes/turn
Cyclops             Swift        6 hexes/turn
Cyclops King        Very Swift   8 hexes/turn
Behemoth            Swift        6 hexes/turn
Ancient Behemoth    Ultra Swift  9 hexes/turn


Gremlin             Extra Slow   4 hexes/turn
Master Gremlin      Slow         5 hexes/turn
Stone Gargoyle      Swift        6 hexes/turn
Obsidian Gargoyle   Ultra Swift  9 hexes/turn
Stone Golem         Very Slow    3 hexes/turn
Iron Golem          Slow         5 hexes/turn
Mage                Slow         5 hexes/turn
Arch Mage           Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Genie               Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Master Genie        Quick        11 hexes/turn
Naga                Slow         5 hexes/turn
Naga Queen          Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Giant               Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Titan               Ultra Quick  11 hexes/turn

#05 Neutral Creatures

Air Elemental       Extra Swift  7 hexes/turn
Earth Elemental     Extra Slow   4 hexes/turn
Fire Elemental      Swift        6 hexes/turn
Water Elemental     Slow         5 hexes/turn
Gold Golem          Slow         5 hexes/turn
Diamon Golem        Slow         5 hexes/turn

#06 Hero Bonuses
Legend: A= Attack
        D= Defense
        P= Power
        K= Knowledge

                   Alchemists......A1 D1 P2 K2

 Fafner                     Male Genie
 Iona                                      Female Genie
 Neela                                     Female Genie
 Piquedram                  Male Human
 Josephine                                 Female Human
 Rissa                                     Female Human
 Thane                      Male Genie
 Torosar                    Male Human

                   Barbarians......A4 D0 P1 K1

 Crag Hack                  Male Human
 Gretchin                                  Female Goblin
 Gurnisson                  Male Goblin
 Jabarkas                   Male Ogre
 Krellion                                  Female Ogre
 Shiva                                     Female Human
 Tyraxor                    Male Goblin
 Yog                        Male Genie

                   Battle Mages....A2 D1 P1 K1

 Dessa                      Male Ogre                      
 Gird                                      Female Human
 Gundula                                   Female Ogre
 Oris                                      Female Human
 Saurug                     Male Ogre
 Terek                      Male Human
 Vey                        Male Ogre
 Zubin                      Male Goblin

                   Beast Masters...A0 D4 P1 K1

 Alkin                      Male Gnoll
 Broghild                   Male Lizardman
 Bron                       Male Human
 Drakon                     Male Gnoll
 Gerwulf                    Male Human
 Korbac                     Male Lizardman
 Tazar                      Male Human
 Wystan                     Male Lizardman

                   Clerics.........A1 D0 P2 K2

 Adela                                     Female Human
 Cuthbert                   Male Human
 Caitlin                                   Female Human
 Adelaide                                  Female Human
 Ingham                     Male Human
 Loynis                     Male Human
 Rion                       Male Human
 Sanya                                     Female Human

                   Death Knights...A1 D2 P2 K1

 Charna                                    Female Human                     
 Clavius                    Male Human
 Galthran                   Male Vampire
 Isra                                      Female Lich
 Moander                    Male Lich
 Tamika                                    Female Vampire
 Straker                    Male Human
 Vokial                     Male Vampire

                   Demoniacs.......A2 D2 P1 K1

 Rashka                     Male Efreet
 Calh                       Male Demon
 Fiona                                     Female Human
 Ignatius                   Male Human
 Marius                                    Female Demon
 Nymus                                     Female Demon
 Pyre                                      Female Human
 Octavia                                   Female Efreet

                   Druids..........A0 D2 P1 K2

 Aeris                      Male Elf
 Alagar                     Male Human
 Uland                      Male Dwarf
 Coronius                   Male Human
 Elleshar                   Male Elf
 Gem                                       Female Human
 Malcom                     Male Dwarf
 Melodia                                   Female Elf

                   Heretics........A1 D1 P2 K1

 Ash                                       Female Demon
 Axsis                      Male Demon
 Ayden                      Male Human
 Calid                                     Female Demon
 Olema                                     Female Human
 Xyron                      Male Efreet
 Xarfax                     Male Human
 Zydar                      Male Efreet

                   Knights.........A2 D2 P1 K1

 Edric                      Male Human
 Orrin                      Male Human
 Sylvia                                    Female Human
 Lord Haart                 Male Human
 Valeska                                   Female Human
 Christian                  Male Human
 Sorsha                                    Female Human
 Tyris                                     Female Human

                   Necromancers....A1 D0 P2 K2

 Aislinn                                   Female Vampire
 Nagash                     Male Lich
 Nimbus                     Male Human
 Sandro                     Male Lich
 Septienna                                 Female Human
 Thant                      Male Vampire
 Vidomina                                  Female Human
 Xsi                                       Female Lich

                   Overlords.......A2 D2 P1 K1
 Ajit                       Male Human
 Arlach                     Male Troglodyte
 Dace                       Male Minotaur
 Damacon                    Male Troglodyte
 Gunnar                     Male Minotaur
 Lorelei                                   Female Human
 Shakti                     Male Troglodyte
 Synca                                     Female Human

                   Rangers.........A1 D3 P1 K1

 Clancy                     Male Dwarf
 Ivor                       Male Elf
 Jenova                     Male Elf
 Kyrre                                     Female Elf
 Mephala                                   Female Human
 Ryland                     Male Human
 Thorgrim                   Male Dwarf
 Ufretin                    Male Dwarf

                   Warlocks........A0 D0 P3 K2

 Alamar                     Male Human
 Darkstorn                  Male Minotaur
 Deemer                     Male Minotaur
 Geon                       Male Troglodtye
 Jaegar                     Male Troglodyte
 Jeddite                    Male Human
 Malekith                   Male Minotaur
 Sephinroth                 Male Human

                   Witches.........A0 D1 P2 K2

 Andra                                     Female Human
 Merist                                    Female Gnoll
 Mirlanda                                  Female Human
 Rosic                                     Female Gnoll
 Styg                                      Female Lizardwoman
 Tiva                                      Female Gnoll
 Verdish                                   Female Human
 Voy                                       Female Lizardwoman

                   Wizards.........A0 D0 P2 K3

 Aine                                      Female Genie
 Astral                     Male Human
 Cyra                                      Female Human
 Daremyth                                  Female Genie
 Halon                      Male Genie
 Serena                                    Female Human
 Solmyr                     Male Genie
 Theodorus                  Male Human

#07 Town Native Terrain

Thanks to Nils Ogorek for just this minor correction:

A hero with all Fortress troops will not lose any movement points
over Swamp, this is their native terrain.

Town         Native Terrain
Castle       Grass
Rampart      Grass
Tower        Snow
Inferno      Lava (Black rock stuff)
Necropolis   Dirt
Dungeon      Subterranean
Stronghold   Rough
Fortress     Swamp

#08 Morale and Luck Effects

Morale is represented by golden (or brownish) birds under "Viewing the 
Hero's Stats" screen.

It can be from -3 (3 brown birds) to 3 (3 golden birds)

Morale is affected by:

a) Places you visit (eg. Fountain of Fortune)

b) These conditions:

  i.   -1 if undead creatures are mixed with living creatured
  ii.  +1 if all creatures are of the same town type (Except Necropolis)
  iii. -1 for each town type mixed beyond two town types


c) Artifacts/artefacts.

  #Moral Effects:

(Quoted from book)

Troop Morale    Effect on Troop
     3          12.5% chance of acting again
     2          8.3% chance of acting again     
     1          4.2% chance of acting again
     0          Nothing
    -1          4.2% chance of freezing
    -2          8.3% chance of freezing
    -3          12.5% chance of freezing
Luck is represented by those horseshoe thingies.

  #Luck Effects:
(Also quoted from book)

Troop Luck      Chance for Double Damage
    3                     12.5%
    2                      8.3%
    1                      4.2%
#09 Thanks


-Nils Ogorek <Nils@Ogorek.de>
 o Fixed up native terrain mistake

 Thanks to you for reading my FAQ.
 Thanks to Loki Games, New World Computing, 3D0 and all other companies 
 involved in making Heroes III. It really is a magnificent game!
 Thanks to GameFAQS.com for hosting my FAQ.
 Thanks to the Heroes III Player Manual for most of the information.

Copyright 2003 Jordan Trudgett

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