• Steam Achievements

    Almost ThereFinish 2nd in a ranked match.
    BaronReach rank 25.
    Could be worseFinish 3rd in a ranked match.
    DecoratedObtain one of each prize in the game.
    DukeReach rank 60.
    EarlReach rank 40.
    Grand PlayerFinish as the best player in a ranked match.
    Headhunter2001 crossbow headshots.
    Infantry WarfareObtain all weapon efficiency prizes.
    KnightReach rank 20.
    Marcher LordReach rank 50.
    Mounted WarfareObtain all Mounted prizes.
    Shire ReeveReach rank 13.
    SquireReach rank 7.
    Support EfficiencyObtain all support efficiency prizes in the game.
    ViscountReach rank 30.
    YeomanReach rank 1.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.