• Using the Console

    To enable the console, go to My Documents\Almost Human\Legend Of Grimrock. Open the grimrock.CFG. file and look for the line that says "console = false". Change "false" to "true". The next line should read "consolekey = 200". Change the number to "192". Then save the changes. When you start the game, the tilde key will bring up the console. It will be small and at the top of the screen. Type the codes just like you see them here. Note that, if you look up the names of items in the dungeon can enter their names between the quotation marks...and spawn just about any item in the game. For example: spawn "rock" will spawn a rock, spawn "compass" will spawn a compass, etc. Be sure to press "enter" after typing in the codes. also note, that names are case sensitive. "Tome_Wisdom" will not work, but "tome_wisdom" does.

    Spawns a Broadhead Arrowspawn("arrow")
    Spawns a Crookhorn Longbowspawn("longbow")
    Spawns a poison arrowspawn("poison_arrow")
    Spawns a quarrelspawn("quarrel")
    Spawns a rockspawn("rock")
    Spawns a serpent bracerspawn("serpent_bracer")
    Spawns a shurikenspawn("shuriken")
    Spawns a Throwing Knifespawn("throwing_knife")
    Spawns a Tome of Wisdomspawn("tome_wisdom")
    Spawns a Torch that never runs outspawn("torch_everburning")
    Spawns a Venom edgespawn("venom_edge")
    Spawns a wooden boxspawn("wooden_box")
    Spawns an Assassin's Daggerspawn("assassin_dagger")
    Spawns and Icefall Hammerspawn("icefall_hammer")
    Spawns and Iron Keyspawn("iron_key")
    Spawns and Ogre in front of youspawn("ogre")
    Spawns the Dismantlerspawn("dismantler")
    Spawns The Shield of Elementsspawn("shield_elements")
    Spawns Zhandul's Orbspawn("zhandul_orb")
    Spawns [Editor ID name]spawn("[editor ID Name]")

    Contributed By: TSotP and BahaBulle.


  • Play as Toorum!

    After obtaining the "Buddies with Toorum" achievement, start a new game, choose the 'create characters' option, and name your first hero 'Toorum', then press Enter. You will hear a chime and be able to play Toorum!

    Contributed By: Irish_Invasion.


  • Steam Achievements

    Apprentice AlchemistMix 10 potions
    Apprentice WizardCast 25 spells
    ArchmageCast 500 spells
    BackstabberBackstab a monster
    Buddies With ToorumGive Toorum a hand
    Checkered RoomSolve the Checkered room puzzle
    DismantlerFind Dismantler
    Doin' It Old SchoolComplete the game with old school mode
    Dungeon HeroSurvive the invasion of white blobs
    Dungeon RunnerFinish first level in under 4 minutes
    Enter The PrisonGet into the Prison
    Enter The VaultFind entrance to the Vault of Dismantler
    Go the Extra MileTravel 10000 tiles
    Hard BoiledComplete the game with hard difficulty setting
    Here's JohnnyOpen all iron doors
    I Use Gravity As a WeaponKill a monster by dropping or teleporting on it
    I'm the Bugman!Collect and wear full set of chitin armor (4 pieces)
    Knight in a Shining ArmorCollect and wear full set of Valor armor (6pieces)
    Like a Sardine In a CanCollect and wear full set of plate mail (5 pieces)
    MarksmanPerform 500 ranged weapon attacks
    Master AlchemistMix 50 potions
    Master of the DungeonComplete the game
    Master WizardCast 250 Spells
    Monster KillerKill 250 monsters
    Ninja StyleCollect and wear lurker's wardrobe (4 pieces)
    Ogre SlayerKill your first ogre
    Piece of the PieFind the pie
    PitfallJump 25 times into a pit
    Secret SearcherFind 50 secrets
    Secret SnifferFind 25 secrets
    Secret SpotterFind 10 secrets
    Seeker of SecretsFind all secrets
    Skill MasteryObtain level 50 in any skill
    Skull SnatcherFind 5 skulls
    SlimedSurvive the slimes
    StonerThrow a rock 100 times
    SwordsmanPerform 500 melee weapon attacks
    Tavern BrawlerPerform 250 unarmed attacks
    Treasure HunterFind all treasures
    Zhandul's OrbFind Zhandul's Orb

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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