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How do I beat Death Eggbot?

I know to hit him in the back twice but in the second stage of the fight I get stuck. please help! :)

Accepted Answer

Calcium11 answered:

Once you pass its first phase, the Death Egg Robot (controlled by Eggman) will try to flatten you. Charge up a spin attack. The DER will leap into the air, attempting to flatten you (it will still be in view of the camera, though). As the DER begins to fall back to the ground, let loose with aforementioned Spin Attack and let the force of the DER's impact with solid ground launch you to the battle's second phase's main fighting grounds. Once there, the DER will start launching its fists at you. Scattered across the room are switches and mines that pop up when the corresponding switch is pressed. Your goal is to set up a mine and have the Death Egg Robot lock onto (or near, at least) one of these mines. This will stun him for a few seconds, giving you time to jump on its ejected fist (still where it was when it hit the mine you put into play), roll along the DER's arm, and finally jump and land an attack on the DER's main hull, causing damage. Do this twice, and victory is yours.
If this confuses you, just Youtube "Sonic Generations Death Egg Robot Battle S-rank". Something's bound to pop up.
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