• Steam Achievements

    Bean CounterPick up at least half the rings in a level.
    BreakoutEscape the local network.
    CollectorPick up all powerups in a level.
    DebuggerAnalyze the innards of Terabug.
    Ducks In a RowCollect a complete row of rings.
    Elite JammerReach the top 1 percent of global leaderboard.
    FireballDestroy an object in mid-air with burn powerup.
    GraduationFinish the "How To Play" section.
    Jacked UpSurvive being thrown way up high by a Flapjack.
    Mad bomberDestroy five objects with one bomb.
    PacifistFinish a level without using bombs.
    Packet LossBurn or bomb 1000 innocent data packets.
    PerfectionistPick up all rings in a level.
    PyromaniaDestroy five objects with one burn powerup.
    RammedSurvive 25 head-on collisions.
    Save The WorldFinish all three Chapters.
    Shining ArmorSurvive lethal damage thanks to shield powerup.
    SinkholeCause 25 Stingers to fall off track.
    Top JammerReach the top 10 percent of global leaderboard.
    UnderdogObtain the secrets of Ouroboros.
    UntouchableFinish a level without taking damage.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.