• Steam Achievements

    All Quiet on the Western FrontVisit Westerfall
    Champion of KraterReach rank 15
    False AdvertisingVisit Frisktorp
    Hound SlayerKill 10 Vildhunds
    HubwardsVisit Solside City
    KratercraftCraft an item
    Leif ErikssonDiscover 40 locations
    Lord KitchenerRecruit a Character
    MagellanDiscover 10 locations
    Management by FearUse Team Management
    PennywiseAmass a fortune of 100000 kr
    Salomon August AndréeDiscover 30 locations
    The HangoverComplete the Tutorial
    ThrombusDefeat Bloodclot
    Vasco da GamaDiscover 20 locations

    Contributed By: Guard Master.