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Asked: 2 years ago

Missing gallery items?

I've gotten 100% and unlocked the last gallery item, but I'm missing the items on page 7, rows 2, columns 2 and 3 in the gallery. How do I get them?

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I'd say best thing to do is load a save closest to the point the pictures comes in and go through it slowly it was probably a glitch. a similar thing happened to me but instead of a picture it was a chapter I know I went through that was no where near any choices so I went through the part again and it gave it to me.

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I suggest quickly playing through some of the routes. Check on all of the progress for each of the girls and recap what you've already done. Just double-check all of your stuff.

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It could be that you didn't get the Kenji bad end, or the hidden Act 1 path.
For the hidden one, you have to initially go towards Emi, but then switch towards Shi z une.

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Any chance you played Rin's route with adult content disabled? Both of the images you describe are from Rin's H-scenes.

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