The ultimate SUGURI experience! Not only do you get two of the best games to emerge from the Japanese indie gaming scene, but as an exclusive to U.S. gamers, you also get an expansion pack with more characters and two amazing techno soundtracks.

The fan-acclaimed SUGURI is one of the most unique side-scrolling shooter titles ever created by doujin game developer ORANGE_JUICE. Showcasing beautifully rendered designs and backgrounds, innovative weaponry, captivating gameplay action, and a cool techno-trance soundtrack, SUGURI is a must-have, must-play doujin game!

Acceleration of SUGURI
The "little war" continues as you experience the rush of battle, waging intense aerial battles in the superb follow-up title, Acceleration of SUGURI. Chose from many fighters (Suguri, Nanako, Hime, and others), each with an automatic targeting system and an arsenal of hyper weapons. Get ready to fight your way through multiple stages inhabited by overwhelmingly powerful foes firing a bombardment of missiles, lasers spears, and beams coming at you in every insane direction imaginable!

Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition
The battles are not over yet as Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition comes loaded with more unlockable characters, new hyper attacks and additional levels. Plus, this expansion features an all-new, in-depth character Story Mode that will blow you away!

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