Question from Gamernut35

Asked: 2 years ago

What is the point of/how do I use trinkets?

I picked up a trinket called flat coin or something like that and it appeared like a pill or tarot card except in the upper left corner instead of right, how do I use it?

Accepted Answer

From: Cloud_Dragonis 2 years ago

Trinkets provide a passive bonus To the player, Each trinket has its own effect... All coin trinkets have a chance to activate their effect upon picking up a coin, The flat coin, Gives a chance of spawning a gold key each time you pick up a coin, the gold key acts as a reusable key for all locked doors and chests on that floor, but only for that floor... for additional information in reguards to new stuff in the expansion, you can go to the binding of isaac wiki and search "wrath of the lamb" the first link provided on the wiki will give you all the known information on the new items found in the expansion

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