Question from Bradvh97

How do i now spread my religion ?

Some Civilization in my game has spread their religion to my cities. Their religion is now the majority religion in the cities. When i train a missionary in my city it can only spread the religion which is not mine. How can i get my religion back ?


TheDogIllusion answered:

A Missionary will spread the religion of the city it is bought in. If you have any cities that have your own religion, buy a missionary there and use it on the city "infected" with the enemy religion. Unfortunately, depending on the size of the city it will probably take multiple uses. It's easier to use a Great Prophet, since they eliminate the other religion's influence altogether while spreading your religion.

There's also natural relgion spread. If the enemy has spread there religion to a city surrounded by cities following your religion, your religion will spread back there eventually. This will go even faster if the city is your holy city.
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