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                               \   Jet Set Radio Faqs   /
                               /      Version 1.2       \
                           By Brian "The Undulator" Waligorski


Ok people. I was nice enough to write this up for
those of you haveing some trouble.  Please give
credit where it's due and I might just make other
FAQs in the future.



1. Version History
2. Introduction
3. Character information
4. Infinate Grinds
5. Getting Jet
6. Getting the Secret Characters


--Version History


Version 1.0-  Started the damn thing.

Version 1.1- Finished (I think) the Infinite grinds section
and added Pots to the character section.  I've decided
to add an indepth character analysis in a later
version.  It will highlight every aspect from graffiti
to turning radius.  Next up is the "Getting Jet" section

Version 1.2- Started the Getting Jet section.  I'm also adding
a Getting the Secret Characters section



Sup.  This is my first FAQs so, bear with me.
Although I didn't find it too difficult to get
Jet overall, there are some really sticky parts.
That is what this FAQs is mainly going to be
about.  The character information will deal mainly
with strengths and weaknesses and I'll probably
add in a guide to doing their tags.  Some day,
I might do a walk through, but that has yet to be


--Character information


Numbers indicate a rating between 1 and 10

1. Beat (Orange shirt, green goggles)
Power- 6
Technique- 4
Graffiti- 5
Capacity- 20 cans

2. Mew (Blue dress and leggings)
Power- 3
Technique- 7
Graffiti- 6
Capacity- 20 cans

3. Slate (Tall guy in trench coat)
Power- 8
Technique- 3
Graffiti- 4
Capacity- 40 cans

4. Poison Jam (Big guys with monster masks)
Power- 8
Technique- 3
Graffiti- 6
Capacity- 20 cans

5. Noise Tank (Off-white body suites and tape recorders)
Power- 8
Technique- 5
Graffiti- 9
Capacity- 45 cans

6. Love Shockers (Spikey haired girls)
Power- 3
Technique- 9
Graffiti- 3
Capacity- 30 cans

7. Gum (Green shirt, white dress on top)
Power- 4
Technique- 5
Graffiti- 9
Capacity- 15 cans

8. Piranha (White pants/top)
Power- 6
Technique- 3
Graffiti- 9
Capacity- 15 cans

9. Garam (Black guy with no shirt and fly goggles)
Power- 6
Technique- 5
Graffiti- 4
Capacity- 30 cans

10. Yo-Yo (Green pullover)
Power- 3
Technique- 8
Graffiti- 9
Capacity- 15 cans

11. Goji (Bald, black suite)
Power- 9
Technique- 3
Graffiti- 10
Capacity- 45 cans

12. Tab (Blue jump suite with ski cap)
Power- 7
Technique- 8
Graffiti- 4
Capacity- 25 cans

13. Cube (Girl in black pants/tank top)
Power- 6
Technique- 5
Graffiti- 7
Capacity- 25 cans

14. Combo (Black guy with Boom-box)
Power- 9
Technique- 4
Graffiti- 6
Capacity- 20 cans

15. Pots (The Dog)
Power- 2 (He is actually invincible)
Technique- 8
Graffiti- 3
Capacity- 7 cans


--Infinite Grinds


This section outlines the easiest grind loops in
the game.  This is by no means an exhaustive list,
as there is probably a hundred variations out there.
If you have a good infinite grind loop, please send
it in to me and I'll give you credit.  Also, the
section number is when you do that section.  The
bus station, for example, is the first section
in Shibuya-cho that you do.


Section 1: Bus Station-
>From the start of the level (when you are on top of
the metal roof) getting a little bit of a running start
and jump off to the left to the rail in front of the
large stairs.  Grind this rail and jump to
the stair hand rail.  Grind it until you are going to run
into the gap.  Jump over it without pressing any direction
on the analog.  Jump the next gap in the same way.  You
should have enough momentum at this point that you will
do a trick the next time you jump, so jump over the third
gap early so you don't over shoot it.  If you think you are
going to, pull back.  Grind the hand rail until you turn to
the right and then jump off straight forward.  Drift left into
the billboard and grind it.  Jump off the board (I do it kind
of early so the next jump is easier) and land on the rail almost
directly below you.  You'll have to jump very quickly after
you land to avoid falling off. You will fly right into another
rail.  This rail goes between two cars and a small billboard.
Jump about the time you pass the hood of the truck and drift
left into the billboard.  Jump when you make contact with
the board and steer to the right quite a bit, but not a ton.
You'll end up on the rail you started on, but you'll have to
jump over what looks like a mail box.

Section 2: The Playground-
>From where you start, turn around and go up the stairs to your
left.  Skate forward and to the left and jump into the playground
area.  From here you can see the two sets of stairs that go over
the road.  Visualy cut off the outside stairs up on both of the
stair cases.  This should form an 'O' shape in your mind, or a C
and a backward C facing eachother.  Now, jump on the inside rail of
the nearest side and grind it until it turns left.  There should
be a light pole in your way, so you are going to have to cut across
to the inside hand rail of the opposite stair case on the opposite
side that you are on.  Grind this up, across, and back down and then
jump across again in a diagonal to the inside hand rail of the opposite
stair case on the opposite side.  You just did a big figure 8, or
an infinity sign.


Section 3: The Stairs-
The level is shaped like a big 'O' with a tail on it that leads to
an exit.  Start at the little tail (back to the exit) and go to your right.
You should see a guard rail divided by a sign.  Keep going and you'll
see another guard rail.  After that there is the stairs going up.
Get on the left side and grind all the way up.  It will turn to the left
and then left again and go back down.  Jump off and land on the blue rail
which is slightly to the left.  That will turn to the right and end
suddenly, so be prepaired to jump.  Jump straight (don't steer) and hit the
next stair case.  Jump immediatly to get another trick.  The rail will
turn to the right, go forward for a little, and then go down again.  When
you get to the bottom, jump straight ahead and when you land on the next
rail, pause for about a second and then jump.  You should do a trick and
end up on a straight part without loosing speed.  As you land jump again
and then grind all the way to the end (this gets 100 - 200 more points then
jumping). The rail will then turn to the right.  Jump off (keeping the 
analog neutral)
and guide it to the right to hit a blue rail (a stop sign will pass on
your right).  Jump over the blue box thing and land on the guard rail.
Jump off that when it ends onto the right side of the stair case.  Jump
immediatly as you hit to do a trick and then jump a few more times to keep 
speed up.  The rail will bend to the right.  Jump off this onto the rail
to the left so you land about where the new rail turns to the left (easier 
to land).


Section 2- The Junkyard
Need points? This grind gets 'em quick.  Jump down into the pit and face the
pile of cars.  Start on the right side, going to the left.  Grind the wall
preceeding the pile of cars and jump up to grind the wall above the cars.
Keep grinding until you are about to hit the steel post.  Jump a little bit
in front of it and you will grab the wall the steel beam is conected to
(you will get NO air whatsoever, which is good).  Keep doing this (you will
get a lot of speed) until you get to one level before the top.  The steel
beam should barely be sticking up past the wall.  Jump and steer to the
left and land on the wall (don't try to nail the steel beam as you might
think).  Jump as soon as you land, and then jump again.  You will come to
the end of the top most wall and you need to jump to the left and land on
the second wall down (NOTE: when you make it once around, you will have
more speed on this jump.  If it looks like you are going to land on the
steel beam and not have enough time to jump, land on the third wall down
instead).  Grind this until the end of the wall, and then jump to the
second wall from the bottom.  Then, round it off by jumping to the lowest

Section 3- The Sewer
This grind is just like Garam's challenge in the sewer.  Start on the side
that has the stairs (its where you start on the Posion Jam tag battle).
Grind the rail.  It will turn to the left twice and then there will be a
gap.  Tap the jump button to make sure you have enough speed to make it
(don't accidently do a trick or you might fall in the water).  Jump the gap
and wait a second or two and then jump to the left.  You want to land on the
rail that turns to the left after comming up next to the stairs.  Jump onto
the wall (you have to jump quick before the rail turns back to the right)
and then jump back onto the rail.  Feel free to pull a few tricks or grind
all the way down, just keep enough speed that you can jump the gap again.

Grind City

Section 1- Bantam Street
I wouldn't recomend this for points on this level because there is a way
to get tons that is much easier, but hey, its an infinite grind.  There 
be others on this level dealing with the train tracks, so if you find one, 
me and I will put it up and credit you.  Ok, start in the skate park area 
has a half of a half pipe, and a basketball hoop).  Start on the wall that 
is to
the left of the basketball hoop (you are facing the front of it).  There is 
straight rail with no turns next to the wall. Grind this until it ends and 
jump off and grind the wall to the right.  Jump to the left (not too hard to 
left) and hit the ascending hand rail.  This rail will turn to the right and
intersect with another rail.  DON'T KEEP GINDING THIS RAIL.  It won't turn 
the fence, so you have to jump onto it.  I recomend doing this before it 
turns to
the right.  Grind the fence and jump to keep speed.  It will turn to the 
left and
go for a little until it ends.  When it does, jump to the left back onto the 
you started on.

Section2- Grind Square
Remember this one because you'll need it on the Jet Crush.  You'll need to 
get to
the center part (picture an X. It would in between the slashes on top or 
You should see two red light thins going down towards the statue in the 
of town.  Get some speed and grind one of them.  Jump to the center island 
the statue is.  You don't need to steer) and grind the small section of red 
things.  Jump again when it ends (it will look like you barely make it) and 
land on
the red thing going up.  Grind this until you pass under the grey pipe 
(don't jump
before this because you will hit it).  Jump and far as you can and you will 
on a steel thing going up (don't steer).  Jump slightly when you hit and you 
land on a flat part which will turn to the left or right (depending on which 
you chose originally).  Grind it until it starts going up again, but jump 
into the
incline (it will get you good speed).  It will turn again and go up once 
Jump up this incline like the last one, but be carefull not to jump to far.  
will get to the top and turn to the right or left onto a outcropping of the 
which you can grind.  Hop once or twice to get speed, but don't do a trick.  
It will
turn again and go down the steel thing on the opposite side.  Grind it until 
after it
has turned for the second time (180 degree turns).  Just when it bends 
(or right after) jump as high as you can.  Don't steer, and you will land on
another red light thing which you need to jump from when it ends.  You will
land on the center isle with the statue.  It continues in the same fashion 
up the
other side.  If you fall off.  Take one of the elevators up to the top of 
the building
and get back to the center to start over.


--Getting Jet


Need to get Jet on that stinkin' Golden Rhino level in Kogane-cho?
Can't beat Combo in the Jet Crush race?  Well, look no further.
This section deals with that sometimes ellusive Jet raiting you
need to get to unlock the secret characters.  Those sections that
do have an infinite grind more then likely will include them in
getting Jet, so when I refer to them, go to the previous section
and look them up.  This section is advanced, which means you
probably know your way around.  I'm going to be general, but not
too general.  If you have specific questions, e-mail me.  I'm
writing this out of memeory, so hopefully I won't forget, or add
something not there.

Note: Points needed are approximations.  On some of them, I guessed.
On others, I know for fact.  I recorded rounded scores after I got them
so you should be safe.  If not, send me the score you got, and I'll
correct it.

Section 1:  The Bus Station

Points needed for Jet- 30,000

Method 1-There are a few ways to do this one.  The easiest being just to do
the level very quickly.  You don't need to grind, or paint any extra
tags, just do it as quickly as possible.  I'm not sure what time exactly you
have to beat, but its not hard if you know the tags.  See method two for the
order you should do the tags in for most ease.

Method 2- You start out on the roof of one of the bus terminal parking 
Turn left and jump onto the rail.  Do the infinite grind until you have 
300 seconds left.  By now, you should have all the paint cans you can carry, 
start by spraying all the busses.  The foot soldiers should show up at this 
but you don't need to worry.  Now, spray the two parked police cars and then 
parked car OR truck (if you follow the infinite grind route, you'll skate 
right by
them.  Only tag one of them, leave the other for last).  Make sure you have 
least 13 cans of paint.  You need to get up to the tags on the metal balcony 
things (you can get their by jumping from the bus station tops, grinding up 
parked truck behind the stairs, or jumping from the top of the stairs).  
these three tags and if you have a lot of time left (which you should) you 
continue grinding until time is about to run out.  Before it does, tag the 
tag and you are done.

Section 2:  The Playground

Points needed for Jet- 40K

You start out in the aquaduct.  Turn around and head up the stairs on your 
If you keep going forward from the top of the stairs, you should hit the
playground.  Do the infinite grind until you get 30K.  This will make sure
that when the S.W.A.T. team comes, you wont be hit with gas when you are 
to do the grind.  Anyway, once this is accomplished you need to get to the 
on the street (there are only four and they are in the same approximate 
You will know them because two of the Love Shockers will be standing in 
front of
them painting.  You have to be quick when painting these, becausee 
cops will smash into when you are tagging if you are slow.  Skate back to 
playground and get the tag on the ground (the last Love Shocker should be 
if the S.W.A.T. hasn't shown up yet).  Get at least 21 cans and head up on 
bridge.  It doesn't matter which of the three you paint first, but the 
should show up if they haven't already.  Don't worry though, because you 
will be
out of range for them to hit you.  Get any health you might need (there 
be some cans by the single X-large tag nearest the playground) and head back 
the playground.  The only tags left are going to be the ones on the signs 
can grind the rail next to them and spray as you go by) and the one on the 
of the large sign.  Take your pick as to which side you do first.  I 
the two on the right side (facing thee street from the bridge).  Grind the 
past them (it will turn left) and then jump over the rail where the stairs 
to the rail you are on (phew) and tag the other two spots like the ones you 
did.  You'll skate off the end of the rail.  Turn around and quickly tag the 
on the back of the large sign infront of you.

Section 3:  Downhill Area (Love Shocker Gang Tag Challenge)

Points needed for Jet- 30K

Method 1- Do it quickly.  Its pretty easy because you can chase them 
and catch them easily.  If they are skating up hill, just turbo and jump 
you catch them.

Method 2- There isn't much to grind here.  If you start at the top of the 
at the main road, skate down until you come to a small rail on your right
(after the fork).  Grind it and jump to the next rail infront of you.  When
this rail ends, jump off and to the left.  This rail goes by a set of green
flags and ends right before it goes by yellow flags.  Jump to your right and
you'll land on the rail that goes by the theater (like the Cube Challenge).
Thats about the biggest grind on the level.  If you follow the Love Shockers
to the right at the beginning, there is a grind there, but the hill has
some kind of super gravity field that makes it nearly impossible to jump.
Grind until you have some good points and then tag the Love Shockers.  I
would recomend the first method, as its easier, although, do some grinding
to get some points.  Grind up hill when you are chasing them to get
a few points.

To Be Continued...