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EA rebooted Medal of Honor a couple of years back to massive sales. Now Medal 
of Honor: Warfighter looks to continue that legacy.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter FAQ/Walkthrough
Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper
Copyright 2012

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
Unintended Consquences
Through the Eyes of Evil
Shore Leave
Hot Pursuit
Changing Tides
Rip Current
Hat Trick
Finding Faraz
Connect the Dots
Hello and Dubai
Old Friends
Bump in the Night
Shut It Down
3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Medal of Honor: Warfighter takes place after the events of the Medal of Honor 
reboot from 2010. Players take control of three different characters throughout
the course of the campaign:  Stump, Preacher, and an unnamed terrorist that is 
a part of the tutorial mission.

LT - Aim
LB - Lean
RT - Shoot
RB - Grenade
Left analog stick - Move
Right analog stick - Camera/Melee
D-pad (left) - Laze
D-pad (up) - HUD
D-pad (down) - Rate of fire
Y - Switch weapon
B - Crouch/Prone
A - Jump
X - Reload
Select - N/A
Start - Mission Objectives

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2. Walkthrough
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- - - - - - - - - - - -
Unintended Consequences
- - - - - - - - - - - -

In the first mission of the game, you take control of Preacher. Preacher and 
his partner, codenamed Mother, will sneak up an enemy standing by a barrel. The
first thing you do in the game is shoot this guy in the back of the head with a
silenced pistol. Press RT when prompted, and then follow Mother.

Mother will duck behind a car. Duck down by pressing B and then wait next to 
him. When given the order, shoot the guard that is patroling in the head with 
your silenced pistol. Then move forward and follow Mother from cover to cover. 
He will go to the back of the target truck.

Hold X to place the bomb on the back of the truck. Then follow Mother behind 
the guard house. Wait for the truck to leave. Once the truck is out of view, 
kill the guard by shooting through the glass and hitting him directly in the 
head. Move behind the concrete cover as instructed and Preacher will 
automatically pull out the detonator. Press RT to use it and blow up the truck.

Strangely, a series of explosions occur, buildings start to collapse, and a 
tower nearly squashes Preacher. When you have control of Preacher again, move 
through the flaming wreckage toward the evacuation point. Enemies will pop out,
so put them down quickly. A few of them will be injured or on fire and serve 
no threat.

Rubble will block the way, but there will be a cargo container. An enemy will 
be standing inside the container, shooting at Preacher and Mother. Kill this 
guy and then move into the container. Wait for Mother to kick the door down and
continue following him to the extraction point.

Kill the enemies here. A helicopter will fly into view and start firing. Grab 
the SMAW rocket launcher lying on the ground and hold X to equip it. Aim 
at the cockpit of the helicopter and fire the rocket to destroy the helicopter.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Through the Eyes of Evil
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is a typical tutorial mission, except you are playing as the terrorists 
instead of a soldier. Use the right analog stick to look around the room, and 
then move forward into the next area. Press B to duck below the board covered 
in barbed wire, and then hold B to go prone and crawl under the next board. 
Press A to climb over the obstacle and then you will be in the shooting range.

In the shooting range, the game will teach a variety of aspects about the core 
shooting gameplay. First, you will fire at the closest dummy. Then you will 
change your rate of fire by pushing down on the d-pad. Then shoot at the dummy 

From there, you will be tased with using the scope. Hold LT to look down the 
sights of your weapon. Click the right analog stick to switch between iron 
sights and a scope. Use this to shoot the targets as designated. Then press RB 
to chuck a grenade at the cluster of three targets in the corner.

Resupply your ammunition by speaking with the terrorist at the door using the X
button. Wait for him to move out of the way and then move through the next 
room. Get behind cover as instructed. You will constantly be shot at during 
this part, but there will be four dummies that need to be shot. Hold LB and 
then use the left analog stick to peak around and over cover. Quickly get your 
shots in before ducking back down to avoid being hit by the bullets. Move into 
the next room for your final test, which is a timed obstacle course.

This obstacle course is simple, and probably familiar to anyone that has played
the myriad of other military shooters lately. Move from room to room and 
quickly shoot the dummies as they appear. When they're all down, you can move 
into the next room. Avoid shooting the cut-outs that are blue colored.

Do this and try to get a good time. When your machinegun runs out of ammo, 
press Y to quickly switch to your pistol so that you can keep shooting down 
the "enemies" without having to wait for a reload. If you use your ammo wisely,
then there won't be a need to reload at all at this point.

At the end of the course, there will be a door to breach. Hold X and then 
choose the "kick" option to breach the door. The game will switch to slow 
motion. Shoot the last two dummies, and then the obstacle course will end. You 
can now choose to go through the left door to redo the obstacle course and 
continue training, or go through the right door to start the next mission of 
the game.

- - - - - - 
Shore Leave
- - - - - -

First thing's first. Out of the boat, follow your squadmates through the water.
When you start to get close, enemies will fire at you from the beach. Get 
behind cover and then use your "peaking" move to stick your head out and pick 
off a few at a time. Switch to the better scope to pick off enemies that are 
farther away.

When the beach is cleared, move onto the land. Go up the stairs and continue to
kill the enemies. There will be a couple of enemies in the building nearby that
will fire at you from the window. Shoot them and then continue into the 
building when prompted.

Follow your squadmate up the stairs of the building. A decent chunk of the 
building is missing, give you the perfect opportunity to laze the far building 
full of targets for the boat to destroy with missiles. Hold left on the d-pad 
to equip the device and hold LT to look at the building. Hold RT to focus the 
laser at the building and the boat will destroy it.

Move through the dust and rubble and follow your squad through to the next 
building. A bot will then be activated to clear the next area. As Stump, you 
get to control the bot. Use it to kill the enemies in the first room. It is 
kind of dark in this room, but they will have their flashlights on, so fire at 
the light if you can't see the enemies exactly.

Roll the bot to the outside area where marines are located, being pinnned down 
by the enemy. Kill the enemies to the best of your ability with the bot until 
it is destroyed via two rockets and a rock to the face. Follow your squad 
through the room and then regroup with the marines. Perform the breach, kill 
the enemies outside where the marines are, and just fight your way through the 

A truck will drive down the street with a turret on the back. Work your way 
through the building on the left side of the street to flank the gunner. Kill 
him and then take control of the turret yourself by holding X. Kill the enemies
as they appear on the nearby building until the marines start moving again, and
then follow them.

They will lead you to another area where yet another truck with a gunner in the
bed will come into view. Work your way around his left to flank and then kill 
him. Then move to the next door and breach. Kill everyone inside and work your 
way to the upstairs.

A table will be prepared as a stand for your sniper rifle. Now you have to kill
all the enemies with RPGs in the nearby buildings using the sniper. Click on 
the right analog stick to zoom in with the sniper. Hold the left analog stick 
down to hold your breath. Try to aim slightly above the enemies to make the 
bullet drop into them.

Kill the designated enemies and the ones with AK47s as well. Buzzsaw will show 
up in a helicopter and start clearing the buildings of enemies. A nearby hotel 
will suddenly have a couple of enemies there with RPGs as well. Kill them both.
You will have to aim higher than usual with these guys. If you aren't quick 
enough, Buzzsaw will be destroyed.

- - - - - -
Hot Pursuit
- - - - - -

To drive the truck/jeep/car whatever it is, hold RT to accelerate and use the 
left analog stick to steer. When going around sharp corners, hold Lt to employ 
the handbrake.

Pursue your target through the streets, sidewalks, and markets of the city. 
Never let up on the acceleration and use your handbrake a lot when taking the 
corners and such. Avoid obstacles as these will slow you down and probably 
cause a agme over.

When the chase is nearing its end, your goal will be to ram into the target's 
truck. When he goes around corners, it is difficult for his vehicle. This 
provides the opportunity to smash into the side of his truck and take him out. 
When he is about to take these wide turns, just accelerate straight forward 
and try to smash into the side of his truck with the full force of your 
vehicle to end the mission.

- - - - - - - -
Changing Tides
- - - - - - - -

This mission begins much like the first mission, except you use a melee attack 
to kill the enemy instead of shooting them in the head. Use the melee strike to
take out the first enemy, and then follow Mother through the buildings. There 
will be two enemies in a row that you can sneak up on and take out silently 
with melee attacks.

Continue following Mother through the area. The third enemy you see will have 
his back to you and will be somewhat blocked by a barricade. Kill him with a 
silenced shot to the head and then continue. In the next area, you will have to
crawl under a house. Go prone by holding B and follow Preacher under the area. 
He'll kill the first guard. Sneak up on the next guard and take him out with a 
melee strike.

Follow Mother to the next area. He'll get behind cover. Get behind the cover 
next to his and aim at the house. There are two enemies. Wait for them to line 
up and then shoot to kill them both quickly. Move into the house and then look 
out the window. There will be three enemies this time and Mother will help you 
kill them. Wait for two to stand next to each other, then take those two out, 
hopefully with a single shot, and Mother will take care of the other one. Then 
follow him outside.

In the distance, there will be a building crawling with snipers. Laze the 
building and wait for it to be destroyed. No more stealth now. Follow Mother 
through the area and whenever enemies show up, get behind cover and then 
quickly take them out. Follow Mother to the alley. Move from cover to cover 
down the alley and kill the enemies. Watch the nearby balcony as they will show
up there as well and run along the roof.

Follow Mother through the flood waters and damaged buildings. Keep going until 
you find another couple of buildings crawling with enemies. Kill them from 
cover. They will be capitalized with an RPG man on a roof. Kill him before he 
can do any damage, and then follow Mother to the next door to breach. Breach 
it, and then follow Mother to the hotel. Go up the stairs and chill by the 
double doors until Mother catches up. Then follow him onto the rooftop.

- - - - - -
Rip Current
- - - - - -

Follow the squad through the area. Kill any enemies you see. Don't worry about 
being stealthy in this level. You'll come across a warehouse. Instead of 
entering the warehouse, use the "peak" mechanic to lean out of cover and pick 
off all the enemies inside. Then move through the warehouse.

Go up the stairs and then wait for the helicopter to arrive. Start killing the 
enemies across the street that are defending the Capitol Building. You'll then 
take control of the gun inside the helicopter. Kill all of the targets as they 
are marked with the helicopter's machineguns until the streets and buildings 
are all cleared. The helicopter has infinite ammo, but the barrel can 
overheat after prolonged use.

When the streets are cleared, run over to the building. After the short 
cinematic, follow the squad to a side entrance. They will break out a window, 
so climb through to get inside. In the first hallway, there will be three 
enemies to take out, so kill them and then move to the designated wall. Place 
the explosive charges on the wall and then breach it to enter the main lobby 
of the building.

Enemies will be everywhere here. Use grenades generously and stay behind cover,
but keep pushing forward to the stairs. Kill everyone on the first floor and 
then make your way to the second floor. Kill everyone here as well. Remember to
stay behind cover as much as possible.

A machinegun crew in the next hallway makes things difficult. Approach the door
to flank them. An enemy will run out, so take him out with a quick melee 
attack or shot to the face, and move through the next two rooms to position 
yourself to the side of the machinegun crew. Kill all of them and then breach 
the mayor's room.

Inside the mayor's room, kill the three guards with headshots in quick 
succession to rescue the hostages. The hostages will be the people in 
civilian-looking clothes, mainly cowering on the ground.

After the hostages are rescued, it is time to evacuate them in a boat. You will
be controlling the gun in the boat. Kill the targets as they appear. They will 
be marked with red arrows like before when you were in the helicopter. Kill 
them quickly. If there are explosives near them, shoot the explosives to take 
out groups of enemies at once.

Eventually, you'll have to take over the controls of the boat. When this 
happens, use RT to accelerate and the left analog stick to steer. Speed 
through the water, avoiding the flaming debris and the rockets that are being 
fired at you. Go from objective marker to objective marker to find your way 
out and successfully evacuate the hostages.

- - - - -
Hat Trick
- - - - -

This mission is very short. First, zoom in on the pirates with your sniper 
rifle. Then 18 hours will pass. When you come back, wait for the pirate to pop 
up with his gun on the captain. Quickly shoot him with the sniper and the other
three pirates will be taken out as well by your team.

- - - - - - -
Finding Faraz
- - - - - - -

This level is a change of pace throughout most of it. You are chasing a man 
named Faraz for information. Sprint after him whenever the "CHASE" icon comes 
up on the screen and he starts running. What he does is lead you to a series of
ambushes, so wheenver the "CHASE" icon disappears, get behind cover and start 
killing enemies.

Don't worry about losing Faraz. I don't even think it's possible to lose him 
at all during the mission, except for the very beginning when he first starts 
running off. Be sure not to shoot him, but kill all the enemies in the area 
when he stops running to get him running again.

This section of the game is very ammo intensive. I ran dry more than once. 
Don't forget that you can resupply your ammo by speaking with your squadmates. 
Use grenades a lot as well if you ever get pinned down behind cover, and the 
leaning peak mechanic is also very helpful in this mission.

Faraz will eventually try to clamber over a wall and he'll get slowed down 
significantly by this. Rush over to the wall and climb over yourself. Watch the
ensuing cut-scenes.

After that's over, there's more running in store. Sprint and follow Mother 
through the area. When you near the exfiltration building, enemies will pile 
out. Take cover and then kill them. Move into the building and clear the area 
of enemies. Run over to the door on the first floor and hold X to move on 

- - - - - - - - -
Connect the Dots
- - - - - - - - -

You begin this mission on a helicopter. The helicopter will fly around the 
area, giving you the opportunity to blast away at the enemies below. Shoot the 
blue barrels to cause explosions, and focus your attention on taking out all of
the enemies. Kill anyone with an RPG quickly, and destroy the truck that comes 
into view.

The helicopter will then land. Start making your way through the village. You 
will move forward a little bit, then have to deal with enemies, move forward, 
deal with more enemies, rinse, and repeat. A new enemy type will be revealed in
this level, which consists of enemies that are wearing heavy body armor. The 
only difference between them and other enemies is that they take more bullets 
to take down.

As you move through the village, you will move through two different buildings.
These buildings may have enemies, but what they really are good for is allowing
you to move upstairs and giving you a clear shot at the enemies from above. 
Don't hesitate to take advantage of this height situation.

When you reach a door to breach, breach and clear it. Take out the two enemies 
inside. Run ahead of your squad a bit and make your way up the stairs. Kill the
enemies from this position until the entire area is clear. Then jump onto the 
muddy road and follow your squad to the end. It is here that they will find a 
secret passage into the Training Camp.

The Training Camp you'll recognize from the tutorial mission near the beginning
of the game. Move through the first room and take out all the targets. Go up 
the stairs and then use your position above to kill all the enemies below. Jump
down and breach the door as told. Kill the enemies in here and then follow the 
squad out of this area to a cave system.

The caves are very dark. Follow your squad to help navigate through the caves. 
A group of about four or five enemies will be standing around, chatting. Kill 
all of them and then shoot out the generator. Stump will then automatically 
equip night vision goggles.

Continue moving through the cave system. None of the enemies will be able to 
see you, and they just kind of fumble around in the dark. Kill them with 
melee attacks to avoid wasting ammo. They will then start using lights, so 
fire at the bright spots to kill them.

The terrorists will get the power back on in the caves, and then Stump will 
take off the goggles. Use the rocks as cover and work your way to the right, 
killing the enemies as you move. Use your scope to pick off the enemies from 
afar, and then go from door to door and hold X to move through it until you 
find the bomb supply.

- - - - - - - -
Hello and Dubai
- - - - - - - -

Hello and Dubai is another driving mission, but this one has a twist. Drive to 
the first objective. Then you will start being chased by enemies in cars. Speed
away from them. Try to avoid wrecking, and don't let them box you in. It is a 
linear through this section of the level, so just follow the road and avoid 
getting into wrecks.

Mother will start an uplink that will be represented in a meter on the left 
side of the screen. The meter will very slowly fill as objectives are completed
in this section of the game. What happens next is basically hide-and-seek with 

You have to reach the exit, which is represented by a white flag on the 
mini-map. However, you can't let the enemy cars see you. If they do, they will 
try to box you in, which results in a game over. They also barricade the exit 
if you're seen, so that you can't rush to the end. Their line of sight is shown
on the mini-map.

Also on the mini-map are areas marked with a blue icon. These are areas where 
you can find respite. Pull into these areas and sit tight to hide from the 
enemy cars. This way they won't be able to see you and will just drive on by. 
Make your way from blue hiding point to blue hiding point and only move when 
the coast is clear and you're not in danger of being spotted. If you do get 
spotted, drive around very fast and take sharp turns to lose your pursuers, 
then hide at a blue spot to lose the heat.

When reaching the objective, you won't be out of dodge yet. More enemy cars 
will pursue you. They will try to ram you off the road and such, though you 
are now able to do the same to them. During this section, you'll move through a
couple of tunnels. The second tunnel will feature construction in progress. 
Avoid the big dirt piles as they come. However, there will be a part where a 
couple of trucks are blocking the path. When this happens, actually use the 
nearby dirt pile to ramp over and bypass the trucks.

Your next goal is to switch you car out for something less conspicuous. Drive 
to the parking garage. Enemies will show up and keep you from switching cars. 
Drive through the parking garage at break-neck speeds and take those sharp 
turns to avoid the enemy cars. Follow the conveniently placed big giant arrows 
painted on the walls to help you navigate through the parking garage untl you 
can escape.

Back outside on the freeway, the security chief for Hassan shows up. This guy 
drives a big armored jeep vehicle and will try to ram you off the road as well.
Trick him into driving head-on into a civilian vehicle, and then quickly move 
to the left or right to pull ahead of him so that he doesn't cause too many 
problems. Other enemy cars will try to help him as well, so be wary of their 

When the sandstorm starts kicking up, this is your cue that the level is almost
over. Keep putting distance between yourself and Hassan's security chief. You 
will then move into a slum area. Drive through here until the Uplink has 

- - - - - -
Old Friends
- - - - - -

Move with your squad through the streets. Kill the enemies as they appear. Keep
following your squad and they will lead you to a ledge overlooking the 
courtyard with a bunch of enemies. Your weapon will automatically switch to a 
sniper. Pick off all the enemies below until they stop appearing.

Follow your squad into the courtyard. More enemies will show up, so kill them 
as you push to the UN building. When the enemies are dead, breach into the 
UN building. Start moving through the building with your squad. Watch out for 
IED's on the ground.

As long as you follow your squad and stick to cover, the UN building is a piece
of cake, and very linear. There will be sloppily barricaded holes in the walls 
that the enemies use as cover to attack, so be wary of that, but for the most 
part, just follow your squad, use cover wisely, and kill the enemies as they 
show up.

Moving outside of the UN building, you'll see another squad being pinned down 
by snipers. Follow your own squad to the nearby hotel building and breach it. 
When everyone's dead, move to the balcony. You'll automatically switch to a 
sniper rifle. Pick off the sniper on the balcony, and then start killing all 
the enemies on the street as they appear.

When they're dead, move deeper into the hotel. There is a very large room right
off the bat. One of the enemies will have body armor. Stay behind cover and 
kill the enemy with body armor first, and then pick off the other enemies as 
you hug the left side of the room. Make your way up the stairs and at the top, 
kill the enemies here. Look down and pick off the rest of the enemies. Regroup 
with your squad and then eliminate the rest of the enemies in the room.

Follow your squad to the next door, and then outside. Run over to the ice rink.
A cut-scene will play, and afterwards, you'll actually be inside the ice rink. 
Move into the rink area, and then a bunch of smoke grenades will be thrown. 
Enemies will rush you and your squad through the smoke. Use the light of their 
flashlights to determine where they are in the smoke and take them out. Stick 
to the wall on the east side of the building for the best cover and shooting 

When the rink has been cleared of enemies, move to the exit. After a few more 
cut-scenes, you're in another chase sequence. Just like before, don't shoot the
guy with the red icon hanging over his head. He will lead you to a series of 
ambushes, which amount to getting behind cover, killing the enemies, and then 
resuming the chase.

This time is admittedly a little more difficult due to the fact that there will
be a few enemies with body armor, but just employ the same strategies as before
and you should be fine. At the end of the chase, hold X near the fence to go 
through, and your target will start escaping in a van. Shoot at the van to make
it stop.

- - - - - - - - -
Bump in the Night
- - - - - - - - -

Hop over the fence on the boat. Move forward until the enemies start firing at 
you. Kill them and then move up the stairs and kill the rest. Move to the door 
and hold X.

You'll then switch to Preacher. Watch the scene, and then sneak up on the 
enemy. Melee him. Then sneak up behind the next guy and melee him as well. When
you start moving into the next room, a flashlight will blind you a bit. Wait 
for the fashlight to move, so that his back is to you. Sneak up on the guard 
leaning over the counter, and then melee him. Preacher will kill that guard as 
well as the other guard, so don't worry about him.

With a silenced pistol in your hand, start making your way through the ship. 
Kill enemies as quickly as possible. Some will have other weapons like shotguns
and machineguns for your to snag, but I assure you that the silenced pistol 
with the infinite ammo will be plenty for this particular mission.

As you near the engine room, you will have to traverse a series of catwalks 
that are covered in crates. Stay low and treat this section like a maze. 
Enemies will pop out around every corner, so be quick on the draw and aim for 
their heads.

After this, you have to go through an area filled with cars. This is a long 
walk to the engine room. Use the cars as cover, and wait for the enemies to 
come to you. They will only rush about two at a time, so as long as you stick 
to the cover and shoot them quickly, there shouldn't be too much of an issue 
here. As soon as your health starts going red, dive behind a car and wait for 
it to regenerate as you'd hate having to repeat this long section over and 
over again.

In the engine room, clear it out as you would any other room. Make your way to 
the switch and then hold X to power off the boat. Kill the new enemies that 
pile into the room and then work your way to the top deck. Follow the objective
markers to the bridge area. Be sure to stick to cover and kill enemies as you 
go. Move from cover to cover, as you have been doing the whole game. You'll 
wind up outside, with an enemy that has his back to you. Take him out silently
and then take his body out, too. You won't have the same luxury with the next 

You'll have to move through the same area as at the very beginning of this 
mission. Stay behind cover and pick off the enemies before continuing. Then 
move into the bridge area finally. This indoors area is close-quarters. There 
tends to be an enemy around every corner, so be ready on your trigger finger.

Eventually, you will find your target. Chase after him, and you'll see the 
beginning of this mission play out when you were playing as Stump. Chase the 
target into the control room. Hold X to open the door to reach the room and 
then watch the cut-scenes.

- - - - - - -
Shut It Down
- - - - - - -

Follow your squad to the log lying on the ground. Watch the convoy. Your squad 
will take out the stragglers. Follow your squad to the next location. There 
will be a group of enemies standing around a campfire. Some will leave and 
then there will only be three left. Kill them quickly.

Then follow your squad to the next stop. A truck will drive by. When the truck 
leaves, there will be one remaining enemy. Kill him before he can enter the 
compound. Move to the right into the compound, avoiding the light. Move behind 
the house and then work your way around until the fusebox is in view. Shoot the
box to kill the lights.

An enemy will run into view and night vision goggles will automatically be 
equipped. Kill him and move into the building. Breach into the room and kill 
everybody and then work your way up the stairs, killing the next enemy that 
you see.

Move through this building and kill the rest of the enemies. Approach the 
windows and kill all of the enemies that are outside. Ignore the truck with 
the turret on the back, though, as it is invulnerable at this point. When all 
the enemies have been successfully killed, the truck will roll away, your 
squad will kick the nearby door open, and you are free to head outside.

Outside, stick to cover and kill the enemies. Flank them by going to the left 
and taking them out as they come. RPGs will be fired at you, so keep an eye on 
the rooftops. Kill anyone with an RPG there that you see, and work your way to 
the barn. Move through the bar and kill the enemies inside. Go to the window 
and use lean to pick off the enemies that are on the ground and balcony of the 
building across the road.

Once its safe, your squad will kick the barn door open as well. Sprint across 
the road and enter the farm house. Three enemies will come down the stairs, so 
take them out quickly as they appear. Kill the enemy at the top of the stairs, 
get behind cover, and wipe out the rest of the enemies here. An enemy with 
body armor will show up, so kill him and then move to the door to breach.

Breach the door. Kill all the enemies. There are a lot of enemies here, so if 
you are having troubles getting headshots and are dying, just start shooting 
as much as you can to avoid dying and having to repeat the previous long 
section of gameplay. By this point in the game, you should have all of the 
breach options unlocked anyway.

Move outside and then you will take control of the robot again. With the robot,
move from objective marker to objectiver marker and just decimate everything in
your path. Keep rolling along and killing everything with the robot until 
everything is dead and you take control of Preacher again.

As Preacher, move down the alley. A vehicle will drive by. When it's gone, kill
the enemies. Move down the road, kill the rest of the enemies, and hang tight 
at the bridge. Wait for the enemies to come walking down the bridge and kill 
them as they come. Take out the gunner in the truck and then take control of 
the turret yourself. Use the turret to destroy the gate and kill all the 
enemies. The last enemy will be an armored one.

After that, sprint to the palace. Kill the enemies as they show up and continue
until you reach the doors of the palace. The doors will blow up. Kill the 
enemy that comes out and move inside the palace. Kill any enemies that are 
standing and not on fire. Preacher will automatically go prone, so crawl 
through the area. An enemy will appear in the nearby doorway, so kill him.

Go to the door and hold X.


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3. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Medal of Honor: Warfighter for PlayStation 3,
Xbox 360, and PC!

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