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How to unclaim a city?

I am playing in a region with my friends and i claimed 3 cities. I want to unclaim one if them but i dont know how to, is there any way to or is it impossible? If so how do you do it?

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Japherwaki answered:

From the main menu, click on Play. In the Resume Game tab, click on the region your city is in. When it brings up a map of the region, click on the city you want to abandon. An Abandon button should appear for that city.
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Ave07 answered:

Tell him to abandon it.
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FlyinBryan89 answered:

There is a way to abandon them by yourself i just cant remember how. I think its on the startup menu where u can resume or join a game. if you click the city you want to abandon in the resume game menu, there will be an option to abandon
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