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Installing simcity on multiple computers?

other EA games such as Spore allowed me to install the game on up to 5 (i think) computers. this let me and my friends split the cost of the game and let us share it. can i do the same with SimCity?

bhitay asked for clarification:

So, If I wanted to share the game with my father, but both of us played under the same origin account, would we be able to play? Granted we wouldn't log into Origin at the same time, but say we played at different time slots, yet managed our own separate cities? Would this be possible?

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xDarockerx answered:

You can install Simcity on multiple computers, but it must be linked to your Origin account and logged in while using it.
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battlechip answered:

I MAY be wrong, but I'm pretty sure its 1 computer only.
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Japherwaki answered:

SimCity has to be linked to an Origin account, and you can only be logged into Origin on one computer at a time, so you will not be able to share this game with a friend.
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