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How do you play the game?

This is the first game i have brought for my laptop and i need to play this game. I put the disc in made a Origin account installed the game. Now i dont know how to enter the game. I click the SimCity icon on my desktop it then takes me to origin and it has the game there. i move the mouse over it and a thing on the side comes up but the play button is not colurerfull and will not let u click it. A other page opens up when the origin one opens up and it says SIMCITY downloading updates and stuff like that. I want to play this game because i played it on snes and that was so fun. So how do you make the game open. Thanks

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Waggeh answered:

The window you talked about where it was updating downloads "and stuff", that is the launcher. You have to start the game from that window (by pressing the arrow when it turns green) after it has completed updating the game.
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61degrees answered:

You have to wait for it to update first. then the button will light up.
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