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How to lower crime without overblowing more police buget?

My city keeps getting overrun by criminals. I have Maxis Manor, Vu tower, 2 police stations with 3 patrol cars upgrades and 2 jail cells + 1 police precint with 2 crime prevention units, more jailcells and 4 car upgrade. I see the city keeps popping up more criminals that jail cells can't hold... I think this has something to do with education, high taxes (so i lowered them and still)... what is the strategy here?

suresh419 provided additional details:

well this third city i create I decided NOT to put the Vu tower, not even Maxis Manor... and as you said, i don't have many criminals... Although I must ask, I have criminal from the other 2 cities with vu towers coming into my city, should I go to the other and "close" the Vu tower? by closing it, does it have the same effect as not having it, or should I just demolish it?

BTW, what good is there to have the Vu tower and Maxis Manor then?


Waggeh answered:

The problem here lies within you having the Vu tower, it breeds criminals.
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Waggeh answered:

You don't have to build the Vu tower, only build the maxis tower if you want.. But no, I don't think there is any point to have it, except for fun really. The maxis manor offers extra health police and fire services, but is it worth the cost? The Vu tower is more like using a disaster.

I would close the Vu tower in your other cities (unless you want it for "fun"), since criminals and arsonists will come to your new city from the others nearby.
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suresh419 answered:

lol, well it isn't "fun" when they are basically eating up all your resources. In this 3rd city i created I didn't even put maxis manor so yeah, I bulldozed the other 2, the criminals are still about... i guess i have to wait for them to be rehabilitated
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jmccoy0500 answered:

My first city got overrun with crime. I had tons of police stations and they couldn't keep up. I maxed out all of my jails. This got way too expensive. With my next cities I put money into education. Place elementary schools to keep everyone enrolled. This was enough that later on I barely needed any cops at all. Hardly any crime in my 100k+ city. I have one small police station patrolling two cities now.

So my solution is to start with education fairly quicky and you don't need to worry about crime later on.
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ccisme answered:

Crime usually comes from one of a few things so act accordingly and you wont have a need for high amounts of police. Crime comes from lack of education, low income, high taxes, no jobs, Dr. Vu's tower, or just from unhappy sims. So relatively speaking solving all these problems should keep crime in your city low.
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Kirayamato33 answered:

Send them into the space with arcopology launcher
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