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How to send resources to great works - international airport?

Well, I have cities that make crude oil, alloy and metal which are the essentials for phase 1 of the international airport. I click on the button that says to send resources there, but after 30min of play (on fast mode) they still don't even have one stock.
I have a trade depot that "exports" these metals and oil, is there a something I should do here, like stop exporting for sales? or maybe click on "use locally"? or just stop accepting that kind of shipment?
there's so many alternatives that if I try to try them all, I may ruin my city lol... hmm ... or maybe send my recycling trucks there... meh, i'm not sure, please somebody, give me an answers... its already been 2 hours nothing yet now. thanks.


Lothar_00820 answered:

You have to do two things:

1. Click the on button when viewing the great work for the resource you'd like to send (you did this).

2. Set the trade depot/port to use locally for the resource.

Note: You should be able to watch your exports (with the trade view turned on) go from your city to the great work. The great work resource may not progress at first. This may be due to lag or a server glitch. Just make sure you can see the exports traveling to the great work.
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