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Is there a sword only Paladins can use in BG1:EE?

I am thinking of doing a Paladin (Cavalier) playthrough on BG1:EE. But before I decide what weapons to specialize in, I wanted to know if there were any swords in BG1:EE that only Paladins could use??

I remember that in BG2, IWD, and IWD2 you could find a very powerful sword that only Paladins could use, but I do not remember one being in the original version of BG1. Has anyone found a powerful sword for a Paladin in BG1:EE??? If so, what type of sword is it (long, short, bastard, two-handed, etc.)??? Need to know so I can specialize my Paladin accordingly.

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solipsa answered:

So far there's no indication there's any paladin-specific sword in BG1.

In all honesty, because BG1 is so low-level compared to BG2/IWD2, it wouldn't make much sense to have a powerful paladin-only sword. So it seems extremely unlikely that developers will add a weapon in later.
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