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How do I go into first person aim with bow?

I have a bow and i want to use it but i dont know how to go into first person mode to aim so that i can kill from afar/ and cut dragons tail. i checked the key settings and it shows nothing. so how do i and which key do i press to go into 1st person when using a bow?


thegodfather107 answered:

ok if you are using the bow in your right press ( V ) to get it out in your hand and ( C ) for left handed

then press ( SHIFT ) it will start holding it with tow hand and if you press it again you will change it into
FPS mode .

but keep in mind that the heavy bow ( not bow it kind of like a gun ) can't get into FPS mode

and if your using gamepad press LB (XBOX CONT ) ot L1( PS3 CONT )
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SnowpacT1 answered:

If you are playing this on PC, you should buy a controller that you can plug into your PC because the game was made to be played with a controller. If you are equipping your bow in your right hand, you press R1/RT (depends on controller) and you should see your character hold your bow 2-handed. Now all you have to do is press L1/LT and it will show a crosshair for you to aim. Now just hold the R1/RT button and shoot. Hope it helps =)
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Kl3din answered:

With Xbox 360 Controller: LB
With PS3 Controller :L1
In the PC with no controller : Left Shift Key (Right below CAPS LOCK and right up the Ctrl key(on windows))
To shoot, just press the normal attack key.
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