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How do I increase my FPS?

How do I increase my fps in this game? I can run it, but it's just really slow and laggy. Also, how do I check my system specs? Whenever people ask I don't know what to say because I just don't know. And finally, I don't want anything that could potentially get me banned from doing PvP. And the worse part of all, the game actually closes out, saying my framerate is not high enough for online play. Please help me.


link1250 answered:

DSfix was developed within days of the PC release specifically for this issue and to remove the limits on display resolution.

You can find it here:

Just make sure you disable antialiasing after applying the fix or you'll find you have bigger problems, especially around water.
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sharan_ke answered:

You'll need a higher PC system requirements.

If you have a higher PC, just disable anti-aliasing after fixing it, and your game runs okay.
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DavidStanely answered:

Follow these tips on a regular basis:

Increase Virtual Memory
Disable Security Program
Upgrade existing hardware
Update device drivers
Turn off drive Indexing and disable video thumbnails
Uninstall unwanted programs

You can find above techniques complete details here:
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yawa306 answered:

A bunch of different things going on here, sadly leaving us with no easy answers or suggestions.

- First off, the port was pretty awful. DSFix is pretty much a must unless you are a masochist. Even then (after unlocking it to 60FPS) the Frame rate itself (especially in regards to effect heavy areas like Blighttown) is super CPU bound.

How CPU bound? I've played Dark souls through three iterations of my current Computer (same GPU, an R9 290X), between an FX8350, a 7850k, and finally an i7 4790k. So I can honestly tell you that this is one of those games where single core proficiency is King.

On the two AMD chips (both over clocked extremely high, 4.9Ghz on the FX and 4.5Ghz on the Steamroller), down sampling from anything higher than 1080p resulted in playable but not ideal 30-45FPS. Anything higher would push my minimum frames way, way, down.

On the Haswell at 4.6Ghz, I can actually downsample from 1440p and maintain 45-60FPS and 4k and get 30-45 FPS.

So sadly, your best bet is to get the best single core IPC performer you can afford, and go from there.

As a side note, the sequel has none of these issues and 60FPS should be possible on most medium/low-medium Computers, "unless" you start down sampling and adding effects.

Hope this helps.
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