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Asked: 2 years ago

Been playing in offline mode, can I update key and keep my character?

I have been playing through the offline mode, and wondering if I update my game key so I can play online if I have to start all over or if my character will transfer. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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sorry I have no idea about this T__T

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So as long as your GFWL (aka xbox live) account is the same, you can keep your character

If not, then I wish you the best on your new journey. Should you wish to start again of course

I also went through this, I didn't have a key (or account) of my own so I played offline using my brothers copy. When I decided to create my own xbox account, I could do nothing with my old offline saves. Luckily I have console experience so the grind back to glory wasn't as tough as expected.

If there is a way to link the offline account, or turn an offline account into an online account (assuming you don't have a xbox account yet) then your saves should still be usable

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