Question from NuclearSunset

Asked: 2 years ago

Are there any cheats like console commands for this?

I'm almost afraid to ask, I like the game for what it is and I dont want to ruin it, but I just lost ALOT of souls AND humanity because of something really stupid... (was tryin to get back to my bloodstain to reclaim them, and my dude stepped off a cliff as part of his animation for throwing a fireball.....)

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Will there is what they call it trainers

it can give you unlimited amount of everything but still will ruin the game for you

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Thats the whole point of this game man. It is hard. Dont give up so easy

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There is no Console Commands or such but follow ramenn00dlE5's advice and don't give up.

But if you really want to cheat then use Cheatengine.

It can change any number in the game including humanity,souls,items,weapons etc etc.

Good luck!

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