• Steam Achievements

    BuilderAugment immune cells with deterministic conduits.
    FearlessFace the first fierce attack on cell membranes.
    HackerDecode enemy signals into medicinal countermeasures.
    ImmunatorDetonate buckyform antibody cluster.
    In VivoDeploy into tissues, observe, adapt, replicate.
    Mad ScientistObserve more than 3 orbits of the title screen.
    Mutant MindIn the swarm dance for survival, achieve sentience.
    RadioactiveSurvive 5-gray sterilization pulses.
    SaboteurDiscover how to cause overheating in nanoscale wires.
    SaviorRevive Eva from a nanite-induced coma.
    Secret MeetingDiscover the hidden cut scene.
    SymbiontFuse body and bot swarm into a higher unity.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.