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A FAQ/walkthrough by bloopur


> Introduction [INTRO]
> Version History [VHIST]
> The Basement of the Hospital [BASMNT]
> The Elevator Shaft [ELVTR]
> The Hospital Rooftop [HSPTL]
> The Mansion [MNSON]
> The Attic of the Mansion [ATTC]
> The Bedroom of the Mansion [BDRM]
> The Rooftops: If Ben is Alive [RFTPS1]
> The Rooftops: If Ben Died in Episode Four [RFTPS2]
> The Sign and the Streets [SGNST]
> The Marsh House [MRSH]
> The Streets of Savannah [STRTS]
> Unknown Building [UNKNWN]
> Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
> Contact Information [CONTI]
> Legal [LGL]
> Credits [CREDZ]


This is my first walkthrough. I hope you find it helpful and useful as you 
play the game. I couldn't decide whether to refer to Lee in second person 
or third person, but in the end I decided second person. This walkthrough 
will NOT be spoiler free, so beware of reading ahead. Also, this 
walkthrough was originally written for Playstation 3. It will still
apply to other platforms, however the controls will be different.

version 1.0 (January 2, 2013) - 
> Guide completed.


The episode starts with a continuation of Lee's conversation with The 
Walkie-Talkie Stranger. Walkers have gathered in the area where you entered,
so you must find another way out. Now that you have control of Lee, go to the 
second cupboard and open it. Take the car jack. No use opening any other the 
other cupboards, as they hold nothing. There is really no use talking with 
anyone you brought, so head to the left and up the stairs to the elevator. 
Use the car jack to pry the elevator open.. oh no! Lee is starting to feel 
weak. You fade out, taking one last glance at your bite before everything goes 

If you brought people with you, you awake to see your bitten arm about 
to be chopped off. Listen to the others argue whether or not to cut your 
arm off, and make a decision.

SPOILER NOTE: It does not matter whether you choose to cut it off or not,
 because in the end, it won't change your fate. Just some dialogue along
 the way, and a few scenes.



A little message appears at the top left of your screen: This is going 
to hurt. You can choose to say something to the person who is going 
to cut off your arm, but you are interrupted in mid-sentence because they
start to chop. 

You black out from the pain and awake to see the stump of your arm bandaged, 
but you're losing blood quickly.


You decide not to cut off your arm and then leave with your group (if you 
have one) out through the elevator shaft.



You are the last person climbing up the ladder. Climbing the ladder is 
easier if you decided to keep your arm, however this is not a timed mission, 
so it doesn't matter. A Walker falls from above. You might slip a little, 
so quickly recover and continue climbing.


Thousands of Walkers are lurking on the ground. Time to find another way back 
to the mansion. Feel free to talk to anyone in your group. Walk over to the
bell tower and examine it. Looks like you're going to need to ring the bell 
to attract the Walkers and clear an opening for yourself. If you continue 
walking to the right of the door, you find a ladder. Pick it up and 
return to the bell tower. Climb the ladder to the bell tower. Oh no, the 
ladder is beginning to slide down! Quickly jump to the bell tower otherwise you
will die. Ring the bell. Looks like you're going to have to jump back to the 
other rooftop. Once Lee begins his running start to the jump, move your cursor 
to the ledge and hit X to catch it and pull yourself up. Time to leave the roof
and head to the mansion. 


Thankfully you don't have to walk all the way from the rooftop to the mansion.
The game time skips you there. You return to see the boat was stolen. If you 
left Kenny to watch the boat, Kenny appears bruised up and tells you that 
it was Vernon and the invalids. If Kenny came with you, Omid finds a note 
from Vernon and the invalids admitting to stealing the boat. Turns out that 
Vernon did not kidnap Clementine; he says he feels sorry for leaving you AND
her behind. If you saved Ben in the previous episode, Kenny 
begins to go after him once again, saying that you should have left Ben at
Crawford when you had the chance. Surprise! Ben actually stands up for 
himself, mentioning how he never had the chance to say goodbye to his family.
This shuts Kenny up. Walkers interrupt the moment and you run inside with the 
rest of the group.

Securing the mansion is the only way to survive. You cycle through everyone 
in the group and have the choice to make them retrieve weapons, secure the 
upstairs, move the furniture against the entrances, kill anything that gets
in, or to help one another with these jobs. It does not matter in the end; 
Omid sees the front door is open and vulnerable. Shout to everyone to help Omid.
You will begin to run to the front door as well, however a Walker grabs you 
through the dog door. Continue kicking the door with X until the Walker hand 
is chopped off. You now need to cut the Walkers' arms off at the front door. 
Once you're in the kitchen, open the top right drawer under the counter to 
retrieve the knife. Cut all of the arm off. Everything seems secure until 
more Walkers break through the boarded windows and doors. Remember Brie? 
Yeah, she comes crawling through one of the windows as a Walker. Chop her 
head and join the others upstairs. Assist Kenny with pushing the desk. 
Pushing the desk requires a few button smashes (you should be familiar
with these by now, but if not, smash X until the arrows come all the way 
in and then hit the indicated button). 

Everyone runs to the end of the hallway to take a last stand to the 
Walkers. Ammo is limited. You can choose to save your ammo or use all of 
it. If you save ammo, you may be able to use it later. Eventually, all 
of the others run out of ammo. Pull the rope to the attic to escape. Your 
gun drops. If Ben is still alive, he hands you the dropped gun.


Once again, you and your group are trapped and need to find an alternate exit. 
Christa notices that you aren't looking so hot. You almost faint until 
Clementine's voice comes from the walkie-talkie, informing you that she's 
okay and is at the hotel where her parents usually stay. Kenny insinuates 
that a conversation about Lee's condition needs to take place, saying it 
could be a "Larry situation." You can say nothing or lose your temper with 
him. If you lose your temper, grab the statue and you throw it at the wall. 
This results in a hole in the wall. Grab the coat rack and begin smashing it 
against the chipped wall. Hope is regained! You can choose whether or not you 
want to apologize to Kenny. 

Sit down with Omid and Christa. Talk with them a bit, and you come to an 
important decision. Choose if you want Kenny to look after Clementine, or 
if you want Omid and Christa to take care of her. The third option is for 
an entirely different family to care for her. Omid volunteers to chip away 
the wall, so Kenny sits down in his place. You have the choice to console him.
Kenny finds some alcohol and offers it to you. You have the choice to drink 
it or refuse it; this choice will not affect you in the future. 
Kenny then offers it to Christa, who looks hesitant at first, but then chugs
a good amount. 

Omid finally breaks through the wall. 


The first thing you see when you enter the bedroom is a dead couple on the bed. 
In the husband's hand is a gun. Ouch. Kenny takes the gun which has only one 
bullet remaining. You can examine a few things in the room for some extra 
dialogue, but other than that, there is literally nothing important in the 
room. Open the balcony door and head out. Looks like you'll be travelling 
Assassin's Creed style: on the rooftops. Cross the balcony and watch the 
others cross as well. The balcony becomes rickety after Kenny jumps. Skip the 
next section if you let go of Ben in episode four.


The balcony finally gives as Ben stands on it, ready to cross. Kenny climbs 
down the building to help him, and you follow, leaving Omid and Christa on the 
roof. When you finally get down, Ben is alive, but he landed on the railing 
which went through his stomach. Ben doesn't notice this at first. Kenny tries 
to lift him off of the railing, but it only puts him in more pain. Walkers 
begin to notice the three of you. Looks like pulling Ben off of the railing 
is no use. Kenny asks you if you have any ammo left. Remember when you had 
the choice to shoot the Walkers or save your ammo? This comes into play. If 
you saved your ammo, you can give him your bullets, but if you used it up, 
this option won't exist. Kenny forces you to leave and save Clementine.

Kenny shoots Ben to put him out of his misery. The Walkers close in on Kenny. 
You can hear him struggling. This is a very ambiguous "death"; there is a 
chance that Kenny escaped. 

You, Christa, and Omid talk while travelling across the rooftops together. 
Because of the recent tragedy, they ask you once again about who should take 
care of Clementine when you are dead. You can either say that the two of them 
would be great for her, or you can request that they find a suitable family for 
her. I'm not sure if this decision will affect the overall outcome or possibly 
season two, but it's best to thoroughly consider your options and choose what 
you think would be best. 

Walk across the wooden bridge to the next roof. The camera pans so you get a
great view of the Walkers right below you. Thankfully, the bridge remains
sturdy and you get across safely. There is a hole in the roof, where Walkers
are very prevalent. This is the hole where Kenny would have died if you 
decided to leave Ben at Crawford. 


You, Christa, Kenny, and Omid cross the sketchy looking bridge. You come to
a dark hole in the roof. Kenny comes up behind you and smacks you on the 
back while you are holding the walkie talkie. It drops into the hole. Christa
jumps in to retrieve it. She is too short to reach Kenny and Omid, who are
trying to help her up. Walk over and grab the pole. Christa grabs ahold of it.
Button smash to try to pull her up. However, Christa loudly falls back down 
and the pipe crashes against the ground. Kenny jumps in to help her. Button 
smash to pull Christa up. She successfully makes it out of the hole, however
Kenny is now stranded. Walkers are rapidly approaching him. Gunshots and 
sounds of struggling are heard. Kenny's "death" is very ambiguous; there is 
a chance that he escaped and may appear in season two. 

Christa questions you once more about who should take care of Clementine when 
your time comes to an end. Choose wisely.


In order to reach The Marsh House, you must cross a sign which leads you to the
next rooftop. You must make the choice: have Christa and Omid go first, or you 
go first. 

If Omid and Christa go first, Omid crosses the sign before Christa. He makes it
across safely with no issues. Christa's turn. Aaaand of course, the sign 
breaks, but she makes it across. 

If you go first, the sign breaks but you are able to make it across. 
Nothing different really, just the dialogue.

You have the choice to tell them what to do next: find you when you get down, 
meet you by the train, or find a boat and meet you north of town. I'm not sure 
if this choice will impact the overall outcome or season two, but once again, 
it's always best to think through your options before choosing. 

You make your way down and have to fight your way to The Marsh House. If you 
cut off your arm at the beginning of the episode, you'll only have your knife 
as a weapon. This does not hinder your progress. If you still have both arms, 
you pick up a glass shard and can use it to fight off the Walkers. 

There is no way to guide you through the fight scene. Just stay attentive as 
the Walkers stumble towards you. Never stop chopping.

Soon enough, you have made it. Hmm... does that car look familiar to you, or 
is it just me?


You slowly walk to The Stranger's room. It is the door on the slanted wall 
right in front of you, a little to the left. Open the door. Walk straight 
ahead and examine the door. You turn around and The Stranger is revealed. 
Have a small conversation with him, and then he orders you to put your things
down. Before you can move, you hear Clementine's voice. The Stranger points his 
gun at you before you can open your mouth to say anything.

You come to another decision.



You claim that you don't have anything, and he does not believe you. You say 
that you lost your weapons on the way there, and he still doesn't believe you. 
You can either give in and put your weapons on the table, or continue to deny 
that you have anything. The Stranger does not want to search you.


Truthfully set both your walkie-talkie and the knife from the mansion on the 
table, and there are no questions asked.


Claim that you only have the radio, and he does not believe you. You can either 
give in and put the knife on the table, or continue to deny that you have 
anything else. The Stranger does not want to search you.


The two of you sit down and have a conversation, revealing who he is and why 
he kidnapped Clementine. Listen to the dialogue, and then he begins to point 
out the many ways you have hurt others throughout the game. He offers to take 
care of Clementine. The Stranger proceeds to talk to his wife's dismembered 
head in the bag. Behind him, Clementine sneaks out. Gesture to her the 
weapon she should use against The Stranger. Notice that the knife is also 
available as a weapon if you put everything on the table earlier. 
Clementine attacks, giving you enough time to tackle him. Perform a button 
smash to prevent him from shooting you, and then attack him again before he 
can reach his gun. Headbutt him, and you come to another choice.



Continue button smashing and don't stop. Eventually, The Stranger is choked to 
death. He falls against the wall in defeat. Grab the gun and shoot him to 
prevent him from reanimating. 


Stop button smashing and The Stranger continues to fight you. Continue the 
fight until Clementine subtly grabs Stranger's gun and shoots him in the head. 
The headshot kills him and prevents him from reanimating.


You and Clementine hug. She comments on your smell, and your arm, if you cut 
it off. You can examine the bowling bag to see the head, if you're into that. 
Open the door from where you entered and there is a surprise waiting for you. 
Hooray, another Walker. He doesn't bite you, though. The Walker smells 
Clementine and starts to hobble towards her, so shoot him in the face. 
Clementine comments that you are covered in "all that gross stuff" which 
gives you an idea. 

Cut open the Walker you just shot. You will be using the Walker's guts to mask 
Clementine's scent. Smear the intestines on her, and feel free to talk to her 
during the process. Three smears will do the trick. You return her cap and 
the two of you set off into the city once more.


Clementine and you slowly make your way through the streets amongst the
Walkers. They don't seem to notice you, which is good. One Walker bumps 
into you. 

Clementine looks somewhere with a horrified expression, and you look in the 
same direction to see her zombified parents. You can weakly say something to 
her regarding the issue, but you lose consciousness shortly after. 


You awaken to Clementine urgently trying to wake you. It turns out that she 
dragged you into this building. However, she shut the door to keep the two of 
you safe and is now unable to open it. Button smash to try to open the door to 
no avail. Finally, you reveal your bite to Clementine. You can either console 
her or insist that she shouldn't be upset. She states that she thinks there 
might be another way out. You weakly make your way over to the other exit; 
sadly, you are barely able to walk. It is inevitable that your time is 
rapidly running out.

You collapse on the wall, and Clementine insists that you stand up. Button 
smash to attempt to stand, however you only fall back down. She insists once 
more. Button smash again, but this only brings the same result. It is now 
obvious that you will shortly become a Walker, and must instruct her on what 
to do. 

Move your cursor to the door and press X. Clementine must break through the 
glass. Move your cursor all the way to the left. Under the counter, there is
a baseball bat. Press X to tell her to retrieve it. Motion to the window to 
have her break the glass with the bat. Once the glass is broken, gesture to 
the chair to the right of the door. Gesture to the door and she opens it. Look 
at the handcuffs on the ground tell her to grab them. Feel free to talk to her 
and give her words of encouragement throughout this process. Move the cursor 
to yourself to tell her to handcuff you in case you turn. 

Clementine asks what she should retrieve first. Tell her to either grab the 
keys, grab the gun, or try to get both. This choice will not matter. As she 
attempts to grab the item(s), the Walker tries to attack her. Move your 
cursor over the display stand to inform her that it is about to fall. The 
glass statue on top falls on your head, causing everything to go black for 
a few seconds. 

Kick the baseball bat over to Clementine, and she uses it to kill the Walker. 

Talk to her. This is your last conversation with her. She grabs the gun and the 
keys from the dead Walker, and you have to make a final decision.



The two of you exchange your last words. Clementine slowly backs away, barely 
taking her eye off of you. She watches you as your eyes slowly close. She takes 
one last look at you, and watches you finally lose consciousness for good. 
The screen fades to black.


The two of you exchange your last words. Clementine shakily raises her gun. A 
gunshot is heard. The screen fades to black.


The Walking Dead logo flashes. Congratulations. You have successfully beat 
season one of The Walking Dead. Your choices are shown, and the credits roll...


Don't turn off the game in the middle of the credits. After the credits, 
there is a special cutscene. Don't miss it.


Questions that are frequently asked will go here. There are none at the moment.


Things I will accept:
> questions
> factual corrections
> spelling/grammar issues (I'm a grammar nazi too, I feel you if you are 
bothered by grammatical errors.)
> anything related to the game
> constructive criticism
> cookies

Contact me by email:
blooopur (at) gmail (dot) com 


This guide is copyrighted by me. Do not sell or redistribute any part of this 
guide without my permission. 


Credit to GameFAQs for hosting my guide.
And of course, credit to Telltale Games for making this amazing game.