BIONITE: Origins is reinventing gaming by merging two popular genres: First-Person Shooting & Real-Time Strategy.

We've been patiently waiting for another game like Battlezone '98 for a long time. Too long in fact, that we decided to take it upon ourselves! There hasn't been a game like it since and we've all been waiting for a Battlezone 3, but unfortunately Atari had to back out at the last minute when the deal was close.

What we want to do, is combine First-Person Shooting action with Real-Time Strategy the right way by taking what past games in this genre did right & wrong and build from it with new ideas.

Right now, our number one focus is finishing the Multiplayer, which will support up to 64 players. The maps online will be very large in scale and give you an open world experience of being on Venus, Mars, Europa or the Moon.

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