• Steam Achievements

    'Round the WorldTravel around the world.
    AgilityMax out the agility stat.
    ArcheologistGet all the ancient Aetherkin tablets.
    CrushCrush someone with a whale.
    DefenderDefend Engelstrome from the SOC attack.
    FallFall through a whole area.
    KrakenKill a Kraken.
    LarsComplete all Lars side quests.
    LeviathanKill Leviathan.
    Magnum OpusComplete the Magnum Opus Key.
    MammonKill Mammon.
    Meat BeaterKill something with a sausage.
    MeatetarianBeat the game only eating meat.
    MillionaireGet a million dollars.
    RepairRepair your ship.
    Shipless TravelTravel between two towns without a ship.
    StrengthMax out the strength stat.
    TutorialComplete the tutorial chapter.
    VegetarianBeat the game without eating any meat.
    VitalityMax out the vitality stat.
    Whale FriendTame a whale.
    WilhelmComplete all Wilhelm side quests.
    WinnerBeat the game.
    WisdomMax out the wisdom stat.
    World TravellerVisit every area in the world.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.