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Where can I find Anduril?

So, I followed the story, and I get Aragorn and Legolas and Gimli to the Paths of the Dead. I get inside and it flashes "use Anduril to smash the Mordor Lego blocks". Only, I check Aragorn's inventory and he doesn't have it. All he has is his initial sword.
How the heck do I get Anduril? Where do I get it? Can I go back and get it, or do I have to start the game over?
So frustrated, any advice helps! Thanks!


aestevalis_0 answered:

Sounds like a glitch to me, because you should have it. Maybe try replaying the last level in story mode.
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DawnG answered:

Anduril is the sword that once was broken. you need to the point where aragorn is given the sword and faramir accepts.him as his king. perhaps u didnt complete the earlier levels?
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Zoinker answered:

If you're playing free-play, then switch to a different version of Aragorn, a Narsil wielder, or Sauron, if you have him. Ranger-Aragorn is armed with a regular sword by default, but his Gondor Armor and King Armor versions should have Anduril.

If you're playing Story-Mode, then he should be wielding Anduril, despite being the Ranger version. If he's not, it must be a glitch.
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