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From: HarshReality@void.com (Harsh Reality)
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Subject: NiGHTS FAQ 1.1
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 1996 01:33:11 -0500

NiGHTS is Sega's best game out there. Its only available in the import
version now, but the US version comes out August 20. 

Here is my Nights into Dreams help guide v1.1. Any help will be
appreciated. This guide was written by me, Bill Schimel, with heavy
from Dustin Cushman, Kaoru MAEDA and mostly Brian Gillman.

All contributions should be sent to me, Bill Schimel, at 
You can find the most up to date version of this guide at Daves Sega
Saturn page.

UPDATED July 16 4:01 PM
Added info on A-life system from Kaoru MAEDA
Added Debug Mode rumor
Added Names for bosses
Add music tricks
Added Questions Section at bottom
Added Emblems section
Added select boss code

Q.What are you supposed to do?
The object of Nights is to get back your orbs that are stolen from you
by the Nightmarians.To do this you must collect 20 blue spheres and
take them to the large thing holding the orb.  Then take the what you
get back to the start. There are four colored orbs to bring back. So
get 20 blue spheres, take them to the Orb holder, it blows up, then
back to the start.

Q.How come i keep getting F's and C's?
The way to get a high mark is to get a high score. The higher your
score, the better your grade.

Q.How do i get a high score?
Simple. First collect the 20 blue spheres as fast as possible and blow
up the Orb holder to get the colored orb. Then your bonus time starts
and points are sky high! Fly around the course and try to get as many
links, tricks, and items (stars and spheres) as you can. When time is
almost up, come back to the start and set the colored orb in. You
should get a good mark.

Q.What are links and tricks?
Links are how many rings you fly through or items you get in a row.
Tricks are when you use the L and R trigger buttons. The only ways to
get points for tricks are to fly through a Blue and yellow ring and do
as many as possible, or collect items while doing tricks. Try this:
Circle around stars or spheres and while they are catching up pull off
a trick.   You get good points for that.

Q.How many endings are there?
Each character has 2 endings. The ending you get depends on whether
you have played/beaten the game with both characters
or just the one. 

Q.What does the blue and yellow balloon with the timer do?
If you get that many links (the number on the balloon) before the
timer runs out, it opens up and showers you with

Q.How do you place pians, as mentioned by Kaoru MAEDA, in his
translation of the web page?
"Place" was a somewhat misleading word, sorry.  When you get
close to a pian, it will follow you or run away from you
according its "friendliness" to you.  In this way, you can lead
it so that it will touch another pian.  Normally, pians move
along a course (in either direction).
(answered by Kaoru MAEDA)

Always finish the course before the time is up! Turning back into one
of the kids almost definetly gives you an F.

The last levels can only be accessed by getting C's on all four of
your charcters course.

To play the two player mode, beat all 4 regular courses and you will
fight Reala. Then you can access the two player mode in the options.

In the 5 th level for both characters wait until the light hits you,
then you will be flung to a platform. Jump off and then do all four
courses as fast as you can.

From Kaoru MAEDA

There are three emblems:
  o Help Pian Panel (round)
        A pian accompanies you.  You can collect items by
        flying near them (instead of touching).
  o Power Dash Panel (square)
        Your drill dash meter is refilled.
  o Power Loop Panel (pentagon)
        Your loop powers up.  You can cover larger area than

From Kaoru MAEDA

A-Life is an environment.  The memory holds information of
inhabitants (nightopions or pians) in dreams.  It is automatically

Here are some tips about A-life.

   o Eggs will hatch if you touch them.  Pians hatched by you
     will become friendly to you.
   o Dashing by a pian will make it surprise.  It will become
     less friendly towards you .  Eventually it starts running away
     when you come closer.
   o Take care making a loop when a pian is around you.  You
     might throw it into a para-loop dimension.
   o Pians seem to sleep at midnight, funny enough.  Why
     inhabitants of a DREAM sleep at night? :-P

The music will gradually change game by game, as nightopians get
more friendly to you.  Someone says it involves a technology
which selects a phrase out of a pre-programmed set of melodies
in real time!

   o Each nightopian has two occupations (e.g. sing, whisle, fly
     upside-down, etc.).
   o Two pians can lay an egg.  The child will inherit
     occupations from each of its parents.  The Web page says if
     the two inherited occupations are identical, the child will
     get another one randomly.  Placing pains who share an
     occupation will increase the chance of getting a new
   o If you touch-dash or drill-dash to a nightmaren, it will
     become a ball.  Hitting a nightopian with that ball may
     cause a mutation.  It is really hard to aim a pian with a
     ball, but keep trying.  You'll find a new creature some
     games later.

It's really fun finding new occupations or mutants!

This comes from Dustin Cushman

The Control

The control of the game differs with the characters you are playing.
Here is a list of the buttons do.
Claris and Elliot

     The D-Pad or analog control controls their movement 
     The X Y Z buttons do nothing 
     The A B C buttons make them jump. To do a higher jump press A,B,
     or C before you hit the ground. You can do this twice. The second
     time is a flip.           
      The Left and Right Shifts adjust the camera angles 


     The D-Pad or analog control controls his movements. 
     The X Y Z buttons do nothing 
     The A B C buttons make Nights speed up 
     The Left and Right Shifts make Nights do acrobatics 
     Also, by pressing the left and right shift buttons at the same
     Nights will come to a stop and then do flips. If you are in the
overhead view
     at the time, then he will lower his altitude, allowing you to get
hard to reach 
    Nights Yellow Tail Moves

From Brian Gilman
Here is a complete list of moves of the tricks nights can do when his
tail turns yellow. You can perform up to 10 of them for

     Small Loop 
     Middle Loop 
     Large Loop 
     Giant Loop 
     Cross Clover 
     Roulette R 
     Roulette L 
     Ax R 
     Ax L 

This is from Dustin Cushman
A Little About the Screen

In the far upper left corner is a idea meter. The number indicates how
many Blue Balls you currently have on your character,
and the colored meter below it shows how many Balls have been returned
to the Snow Globe Deal, and indicates how many
more Blue Balls you need to collect before the Idea Box can be

Time Limit

You have a set time limit, playing as Nights, to go through the
course, get the spheres and free the idea. Once your time is up, you
fall to the ground and lose all of your points and have to play as
Claris or Elliot. 
Codes and tricks

Sound System From Brian Gilman
You can access part of the sound system during the game by pressing
L+R+Y , does anyone know
what you can do with this? DSS??

Easy way to get the 20 spheres
As Claris or Elliot walk around and collect 20 blue spheres, then go
to where NiGHTS is and become him. Then take the 20 spheres to free
the idea and all the rest of the time can be for bonus points!

The game does have a debug mode, which lets you edit the A-LIFE data,
and change replay settings,camera angles etc.. but I haven't figured
out how to access it yet.

Special Music
To get different music, you can do various things such as hit the
beat the game, make mutants, become friends with the pians, or
anything else that
changes the A life system. Also beating the game with straight A's
gives you a remixed version
of the soundtrack.

NiGHTS Bitmaps
Put the NiGHTS cd in your disc drive and choose the extra folder.
You have your choice between 16 million colors or 256.

Select Bosses
To select what bosses you fight, beat the game once and then in the
options menu go to Nightmaren
and choose Random or whatever boss you like most. You can also view
your best times on the bosses.

The Endings

Each character has 2 endings. The ending you get depends on whether
you have played/beaten the game with both characters
or just the one. 

If you get all A's when at the end adults sing the theme song instead
of kids. 

Throughout the game there are several emlems, that can be uncovered by
doing a para-loop 
in the spot where they are. I think that there is 1 emblem per course.
If you have found any emblems,
or what they do, please e mail me.

    The Bosses

Taken from a post in Rec.Games.Video.Sega by Tony K. Jung

PUFFY - A Large Female Rabbit Balloon
- You have to grab her and let her go to knock out bars, or walls.
Wait til you get her in the right angle then let her go.
Probably the easiest Night Maren most people probably know what to do

GULWING - A Tadpole looking creature with bat wings, and tail with
spikes on it.
- You have to either hit it on the top of the head or bottom. Best
plan is to wait for it to come to you, be a little above it when
it does and then speed up and hit it. Gulwing will lose it's head and
another will grow in it's place. Just wait for the head to
grow back, and hit it again. Place youself always a little above it so
you can repeatedly hit it as a new head appears. 

Gulpo - A Giant fish with teeth, sorry I forgot its' name
- You have to hit it by going into one of the small fishes that will
shoot you across the cylinder. You have to find a fish that is
aiming right at the giant fish. When it is hit it moves down if it was
on top, and moves to the top if it was hit when it was at the
bottom of the cylinder. So you will have to always go from using the
shooting fish devices from top to bottom back to top and
so on. 

Reala - The Opposite to Nights.
- You have to do a 360 around Reala, 3 times to beat him or her. The
best way to do this is to hit Reala, this will make
him/her lose control for a bit. Then you can speed up and 360 him/her.
Keep hitting Reala to through him/her off balance and
do the 360. 

Clawz - This Night Maren likes to light up the mouses, jumping from
one to another.
- Best thing to do here is to hit the mouses the Night Maren lights.
You can only explode the ones that are lite. By doing this,
you will remove mouses for the Night Maren to jump to. When there is
no other mouses the Night Maren can jump to, you
can hit it yourself and win the match. 

Jackle - This Night Maren throws cards at you to slow you down. It
looks like a bat with a cape.
- To beat him you have to hit him about 10 times I think. To reach him
you have to speed towards him. When he lets the
cards go, stop speeding by letting go of the speeding button. By doing
this, you will be able to avoid the cards much easier
than when you are speeding. Just dodge up then down then up and then
down again. When you reach him, hit him. You will
push him out of his cape. He will float back to his cape, to start
throwing cards at you again. Stand right in front of the cape
and the Night Maren and hit it when it gets close to you or speed up
to meet and hit it. Repeat the process and you will win
the match easily. 

Wizeman - The last Night Maren and the largest one of them all. - He
throws rocks at you first, just speed towards him low
or high, you will be able to avoid the rocks this way. Reach him and
the other Nights will help you break the barrier and hit
- Next he throws rows of rocks, If the rocks are moving upward, go
under it. If they are moving downwards go above it and
you'll reach him fine. - The last thing he throws are two Twister. Go
straight though the middle and between the two twisters.
After this Wizeman will repeat the process again. 

I have a couple of questions to ask all of you.
Also, when you pause the game and press LR and Y. You get a DSS option
menu. What is that?
Thats it for now! The next installment of this guide will have the
points needed to make the grades and how to do each of the trigger
button tricks.