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Asked: 2 years ago

Can you use a controller with this game?

Is it Possible?

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yes it is possible, I tried a normal XBox 360 controller and it seems to work fine. What kind of controller do you have?

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Yes it is possible, but a keyboard and mouse is much better.

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Yeah, I was a bad player until I buy a 360 controller. All the steam game playable with a controller are compatible with xbox controller.

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Yes, a WIRED 360 controller will work wonders with Awesomenauts. You can buy a specialized Wireless 360 that works only with Windows, but the cord for a wired controller works just fine. Be mindful that you will need to download the driver to make your Windows PC compatible with the controller. That can be found here.

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The XBOX controller is USUABLE but isn't reccomended because they changed the controls and now its REALLY hard to use a controller.

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