Question from SonicTheOtter

What happens after collecting all 8 pages?

This game is too hard for me to beat, anybody know what happens at 8 pages because I can only get up to 7 pages.

Accepted Answer

MoRULEZ1898 answered:

After collecting 8 pages the ambience stops, then Slendermen forces you to look at him and then you get your typical "SlenderFace", and then the credits start to roll. So yeah, it was gonna happen anyway...
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fhqwghad answered:

No one knows......
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fhqwghad answered:

you wake up and its morning. The end.
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MoRULEZ1898 answered:

My brother just told me that you will unlock "Daytime Mode" and "20 Dollar Mode" when you beat this game.
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