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Battlefield 4: Final Stand Official Reveal09/09/14
GS News Update: Battlefield Hardline delayed to 201507/22/14
I'd Rather Be Playing Hardline: Battlefield 4's New Dragon's Teeth add-on - The Lobby07/16/14
IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad, DieselStormers, BF4: Dragon's Teeth DLC - The Lobby07/15/14
Battlefield 4 - Dragon's Teeth Trailer07/14/14
Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth Brings Infantry-Focused Combat and Re-Levolution - Preview07/14/14
Battlefield 4 - Netcode Update Details06/03/14
GS News Update: Battlefield Hardline video leaks online05/28/14
GS News Update: Report - New Battlefield game revealed05/27/14
Intel / NVIDIA: How To Build A Gaming PC on a Console Budget04/19/14
AMD: How To Build A Gaming PC on a Console Budget04/19/14
The Gist - 4 Gaming Easter Eggs Better Than Battlefield’s Giant Shark04/16/14
GS News Top 5 - 5-Year-Old Hacks Xbox One + The Last of Us Remastered!04/11/14
GS News - Battlefield 4 had “Dirt All Over It” + Secret Xbox One GPU?03/25/14
GS News Update - EA won't be named "Worst Company in America" this year03/25/14
Battlefield 4: Creating a More Dynamic Battlefield03/20/14
Sharks and Cannonballs - Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Preview03/19/14
GS News - EA in the running for “Worst Company in America” AGAIN!03/18/14
Battlefield 4: Second Assault - Problems Abound02/25/14
Battlefield 4: Second Assault - Now Playing02/19/14
GS News - EA Defends Battlefield 4, Titanfall Beta Sign-Ups Open!02/12/14
Battlefield 4: Your Commander01/24/14
Battlefield 4: Your Commander01/24/14
GS News Top 5 - Microsoft claims PS4 and Xbox One differences are marginal; SimCity offline mode coming!01/17/14
GS News - BF4 Field Repairs, COD Dev Recruitment and Totally Still No Halo Movie01/14/14

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