• Steam Achievements

    An Eye for an EyeKill Jane after the final encounter
    Classic EnablerSupply the janitor with beer during "Partycrashers"
    Finders KeepersLoot everything from the evidence vault in "Little Help"
    Goody Two ShoesGet all Knight Errant cops out alive in the "Breakout" map.
    HumanitarianLet Jane live after the final encounter
    LinebackerDo not let any enemies get into the escape zone in "Mountain High"
    Mac GyverDefuse a bomb with only 1 turn left in "Bomb Scare"
    OverachieverKill every enemy in "Tunnel Rats"
    Respectful StepDo not step into the Zen Garden in "Calling all Stations"
    Slot Machine!Pull all levers in "Who let the Dogs out"

    Contributed By: Guard Master.